8 Tips to Keep Your Smok TFV12 from Leaking: Drip No More

Keep Your Smok TFV12 from Leaking - Vaping Tips

Is your Smok TFV12 leaking? It happens – sooner or later, even the best tank leaks. Still, with a little maintenance, common sense, and effort you can prevent leaks and extend the life of your tank – which saves you money. We all like money, right?

1. Check the Coil

If you’re seeing your delicious e-liquid on the wrong side of the tank, or you’re getting sticky fingers, then odds are you have a leak. Don’t panic. Instead, check your coils.

Start by checking to see if your coil is burnt. A burnt coil can cause leaks because it’s not properly vaporizing the e-liquid when you fire up your device. If the coil is burnt, replace it with a new one – and your leaking problems should be solved.

If your coil isn’t burnt, it could be loose. A loose coil can allow juice to leak out of the tank, so this is something you’re going to want to fix. Thankfully, this is really simple – just make sure its screwed in securely. If not, adjust as necessary.

2. Rubber Seals

Rubber Seals - Keep Your Smok TFV12 from Leaking - Rubber Seals

If adjusting the coils doesn’t solve the problem, consider removing the coil completely. This will allow you to check the rubber seals. If those appear damaged, they’re probably the culprit and will need replacing.

3. Inspect the Glass

This one should be self-explanatory. If you’re having an issue with your SMOK TFV-12 leaking, check the glass for cracks and damage. These things can be delicate, and even a hairline fracture can lead to issues.

If you spot a crack, replace the glass and resume vaping.

4. Remember the Airflow Holes

Remember the Airflow Holes - Vaping

When filling the tank, you should always be sure that the airflow holes are closed. If the airflow holes are open during filling, the juice can flow straight through – which is not something we want to happen.

5. Adjust your Wattage

Tried all of the above and you’re still having leaking issues? Try upping the wattage on your device.

Similar to the previously mentioned burnt coils, a coil that’s not getting enough wattage might not be getting hot enough to vaporize all of the liquid. This unvaporized liquid can then leak.

6. Cleaning and Assembly

Sometimes, the best solution is to just take everything apart, give it a good cleaning, and then put it all back together.

Reassembling your unit could solve the SMOK TFV12 leaking problem – it’s entirely possible that something has come loose beyond what we’ve already adjusted with the coils and rings.

7. Check the O-Ring Placement

Check the O-Ring Placement - vape

Sometimes, the issue isn’t with the O-rings themselves but with their placement. If the O-rings are not seated correctly, gaps can form, allowing e-liquid to leak out. Make sure that each O-ring sits snugly in its designated groove.

If you’ve disassembled your tank for cleaning or coil replacement, pay extra attention when reassembling to ensure that all O-rings are properly positioned. A misaligned O-ring is a small oversight that can lead to big leaks.

8. Examine the Fill Cap or Top Seal

Leaks can also occur from the top of the tank, especially if the fill cap or top seal isn’t secured properly. After refilling your tank with e-liquid, ensure that the top is screwed on tightly and evenly. Cross-threading the top cap or not tightening it enough can leave room for e-liquid to escape.

If you find e-liquid accumulating at the top of your tank or around the fill cap, it’s a sign that you need to check this part of your device. Always handle the top cap with care to avoid damage to the threads or seal.

And there you have it – 8 tips to help stop your SMOK TFV12 leaking issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep Your Smok TFV12 from Leaking - FAQ

How often should I replace the rubber seals on my SMOK TFV12?

Rubber seals should be inspected regularly and replaced if you notice any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Typically, replacing them every few months is a good practice, depending on usage.

Can the type of e-liquid I use affect my tank’s likelihood of leaking?

Yes, thinner e-liquids can sometimes leak more easily through the coil’s wicking material. If you’re experiencing leaks, try using a thicker, higher VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquid.

What is the best way to store my SMOK TFV12 to prevent leaks?

Always store your tank upright to minimize the risk of leaking. Extreme temperatures can also affect the viscosity of your e-liquid, so keep it in a cool, stable environment.

How tight should the components of my tank be to prevent leaks?

Components should be snug but not overtightened. Overtightening can damage the threads and seals, leading to leaks.

Is it possible for changes in altitude or air pressure to cause my tank to leak?

Yes, changes in altitude and air pressure can cause tanks to leak due to the difference in pressure inside and outside the tank. This is common during air travel.

Can I use any replacement glass or seals, or do they have to be brand-specific?

It’s best to use replacement parts that are designed specifically for your SMOK TFV12 to ensure a proper fit and to prevent leaks.

What should I do if my tank is still leaking after replacing the coil and seals?

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting steps and your tank continues to leak, it may be a manufacturing defect. Contact the retailer or manufacturer for a replacement if it’s under warranty.

Final Words

Leaking issues can be a nuisance, but with the right care and maintenance, you can often fix a leaky SMOK TFV12 tank yourself. Regular checks, proper assembly, and appropriate wattage settings are key to a leak-free vaping experience. Happy vaping!