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Mods capable of firing at high wattages (200w+) are nothing new. Recently however, these high powered devices have been in high demand. Companies have responded with a variety of different 200 watt mods to satisfy any vaper looking for more power.

Here are just a few of the more popular options currently on the market:

And the list goes on and on. Powerful devices are leading the pack in the world of vape, but is there a reason for the trend?

Let’s look at a few build examples to get an idea of what may be going on:

Your average sub-ohm build (.2 ohms), fired on a dual 18650 box mod with fully charged batteries, only requires 70-90 watts.

A slightly lower sub-ohm build (0.15 ohms), fired on the same dual 18650 box mod, requires 100-120 watts.

And a super low .10 ohm build, fired on a triple 18650 box mod with fully charged batteries, can be vaped at 170-180 watts.

It’s only when you get deep into super sub-ohm builds that you’ll find any real need for your 200+ watts of power. We’re talking dual coils that ohm out at 0.08 on the meter here. I think it’d be safe to say that, vapers rocking super sub-ohm builds are not causing the spike in high powered devices.

There must be another reason for the ‘growth spurt’. And it may have nothing to do with the power at all. A steadily increasing number of people are switching from cigarettes to the less harmful alternative of vaping every day. More and more users are looking for a device that they can use throughout the day, without the worry of recharging.

Enter battery longevity. While vapers don’t appear to be using their mods at 200+ watts consistently, there is one thing the high powered devices have in common: the utilization of two or more high amperage batteries. Vaping a mod with multiple cells essentially doubles (or even triple) the amount of active vaping time.

RDAs with sub-ohm claptons, or tanks with the sub-ohm coil heads will draw the same amount of ‘juice’ from the batteries; only now there’s more power to support the draw. A single 18650 battery rated at: 3.7V, 20A and 3000mah, is limited to working within that range. However, the mah of two 18650 batteries working together (in parallel) with the same rating: 3.7V and 3000mah, is doubled (6000mah), with the voltage rating staying constant.

When two batteries are wired in series, the mah and amperage does not change. The wattage hours increases along with the voltage (it’s actually doubled). So the same 18650 cells (3.7V, 20A, 3000mah) would be working at 7.4V’s.

Check out this cool battery drain calculator for more

So the high powered box mod has a very important place in the vape community. It allows users to enjoy the same sub-ohm builds, vape at the same wattage, and do so for a longer period of time. Vaping with a device that has double the mah, means double the vaping time! And this is why we’re seeing so many 200w mods on the market.

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