8 Cool Vape Tricks To Impress Your Friends

Vape Tricks You can easily learn and impress everyone

Vaping and not doing tricks is like buying a skateboard just to get around. Vaping, skating, and many other hobbies are best enjoyed when you start to learn how to do tricks and add some flair to these activities.

Without doing vape tricks, you’re not getting the full vaping experience. If you don’t know where to get started, though, don’t worry! All it takes is a little bit of knowledge and practice to start mastering these fun movements.

Here are eight vape tricks to try out and impress your friends with.

1. French Inhale

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Grease”, you know the French inhale is how Frenchie got her nickname. This common smoking trick is something many vapers love to do.

For how cool (and kind of sexy) it looks, a French inhale is actually pretty simple. It’s basically a waterfall in reverse – vapor moves from your mouth up to your nostrils by simply pushing your jaw out to release vapor while you inhale it up.

2. Ghost Inhale

A Ghost Inhale is another easy way of playing with the vapor you pull. This is the term vapers use when someone blows out a cloud of smoke then sucks it back into their mouth. Many cigarette smokers do this to be cool, which makes it an easy transition into vape tricks if you’ve recently quit smoking.

You accomplish a Ghost Inhale by letting the smoke linger in your mouth, pushing it out gently, then sucking it back in. It may take a bit of practice, but with time, you’ll start to do this naturally without even trying to do a trick!

3. Blow O’s

Learning how to Blow O’s is like riding a bike without training wheels. O’s are a fundamental vape trick every new vaper should prioritize learning. The skills used to do this are what vape trick masters use for other fun motions and movements.

O’s are exactly as they sound – little circles you blow out of your mouth, in the shape of an “O.” Your lips have to be round and your tongue positioned in the right part of your mouth to pull this off.

4. Bull Ring

Bull Rings are the next step up from learning how to Blow O’s. Once you’ve got this skill mastered, you can learn how to reel your “O” back in through your nostrils, to make it look like a bull’s ring. It’s like a smoke version of a septum piercing.

To do a Bull Ring, blow out the perfect O. Then, get closer to it as it starts to float away, and take an inhale through your nose (without any vapor). Your breath will pull the O towards you without breaking the ring.

5. The Dragon

As cool as a Bull Ring looks, it doesn’t match up to a really good Dragon. Doing a dragon requires a long pull and good coordination skills. You have to exhale out of your nostrils and the sides of your mouth at the same time, with enough vapor to get the full effect.

Notice, we said the sides of your mouth. You can’t exhale straight out on this one. You have to make tiny openings on the left and right side of your lips, all while blowing out through your nose.

See why coordination matters so much? To get an amazing result – the Dragon trick, which makes you look super cool and totally edgy.

6. Jellyfish

There are vape tricks that make you look cool as you do it, then there are ones that reflect just how cool you are when you can pull something more complicated off.

That’s what the Jellyfish does. The Jellyfish is one of the ultimate tricks you can do when you master how to blow O’s.

To create this floating little animal-like shape, you start with one big O. Then, you use your palms to pull the first O forward, while pushing out another, smaller O from your mouth. Note, this is all done with the same pull from your vape, so you’ll have to hold a second.

The result? A gentle airflow guiding both of these O’s together, making them look like a jellyfish as they concentrate at the top and leave behind small streams of smoke.

7. A Waterfall

While there are many vape tricks you can do with just your mouth and a vape pen, there are others you can have fun with while you’re sitting around vaping with friends. To do the waterfall, you’re going to need a flat surface and an empty water bottle. The best waterfalls have a little bit of frozen water at the bottom.

Begin by taking a big pull. Then, slowly exhale the vapor into the empty water bottle, pushing small puffs out little by little. The smoke should be gathering on the bottom.

Gently turn the water bottle on its side to face the table (or another surface you’re working on). The vapor will flow out like a stream, gathering on the surface instead of pulling away.

8. A Tornado

Once you’ve mastered how to keep the Waterfall vapor on the surface, you can learn how to do a Tornado. This vape trick creates an awesome visual experience with the “pool” of smoke created by the Waterfall.

All you have to do is take your hand and guide the smoke up. Start from the outer edge of the smoke pool you’ve made, with your palm facing down.

Glide your hand towards the center of the smoke pool, turn it on its side, then pull up. This motion will bring the smoke with it. The more swiftly and powerfully you do this, the stronger your tornado will be.

You can also do a Tornado by beginning with a big blow of vapor, without the Waterfall to start.

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