Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Study Shows Air Pollution Could be as Dangerous as Smoking

A recent health study has revealed that air pollution could be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Those living in densely populated areas -- like...


Vapors Anonymous by Vape Craft – Vapeaholic Review

Creamy coconut meets mango and watermelon, with a hint of acidity from freshly squeezed clementines. Vapeaholic from Vapors Anonymous will have you daydreaming of...

Broke Dick E-Juice | The 1st Review

This classic strawberries and cream combination makes for a perfect ADV. The 1st from Broke Dick will not let you down, and for $23...

Sick of Cigarettes? Here are 6 Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally

Breaking a tobacco addiction can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Going cold turkey often feels like a roadmap to failure, and many...

Want to Vape and Drive? These Tips will Keep You Safe

It’s a story we know too well. You’re in traffic. Red lights illuminate the still gray morning. Your car is averaging 15mph, and you’re...

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Vaping 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Are you interested in learning more about the wonderful world of vaping -- but aren't exactly sure where you should start? Would you like to...

Vaper’s Tongue: An Explanation and 5 Possible Treatments

If you’re new to vaping, you might have heard the phrase “vaper’s tongue” tossed around on various forums and websites. It sounds ominous, doesn’t...


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