Sunday, February 17, 2019

JUUL Announces Swiss Expansion Plans

JUUL Labs is facing a barrage of lawsuits and criticism from all flanks. The fastest-growing vaping company in the U.S. is not backing down as...


Vape Juice Review: Strawberry Milk by California Milk

Fresh strawberry smoothie flavor, mixed with a perfectly balanced homemade berry milkshake. Strawberry Milk has simplicity on it's side, and is perhaps one of...

Review: Neptune Berries by Juice Dimension E-Liquid

Juice Dimension is a line crafted by the geniuses at Yami Vapor. The Yami Vapor brand has become immensely popular as of late --...

Vaping 101: How to Re-Wrap Vape Batteries

Is it time to re-wrap your vape batteries? Or are you just looking to showoff some new action figure-themed wraps on Instagram? Whatever the...

Vaping 101: An Introduction to Coils

For those new to the community, coils can be an intimidating piece of the vape puzzle. Even experienced vapers can overlook the potential of...

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Which is Safer: Vapor or Secondhand Smoke?

Take a rip and count one to 10, accompanied, of course, with a Mississippi between each number. When finished, the air should be clear. A new...

FDA Fires First Salvo in War on E-Liquid Flavors

March has been a busy month for the FDA. The governing body released an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) on regulating the amount...


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