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Squonking has hit the vape community in a big way. Combining the design features of an RDA and the usability of a tank, squonking atomizers have taken shotgun in the ride to a better vaping experience. Recently, one topper changed the game, and it was called the Yellow Jacket BF RDA.

When BPI (Bruce Pro Innovations) introduced their unique squonking RDA to the vape marketplace just a few months ago, it changed my perception of the bottom feeding trend altogether. Their 24mm topper had a quad post build deck that could support large builds with easy to use side mounted hex screws (4mm by 1mm openings).

The deck design channeled wicking material down toward the 4mm deep juice well, decreasing the likelihood of dry cotton while squonking. Its ‘top adjustable’ bottom airflow delivered a perfect amount of air to the hottest of builds.

But what truly set the Yellow Jacket apart from its competitors was the protruding umbrella-shaped structure sitting in the middle of the deck. Anyone unfamiliar with squonking probably hadn’t the slightest idea what the design element was for. Some may have even thought it was the ugliest thing they had ever seen. But those who had been using bottom feed style devices for awhile knew exactly what it was. JUICE DELIVERY!

The umbrella, secured to the bottom of the deck, was a liquid delivery system. When the bottom feed pin was installed, and squonk bottle pressed, e-liquid was now transported to the top of the deck, and poured out over vaper’s cotton and coils.

The ‘drinking fountain’ style juice delivery system made squonking that much more enjoyable. Normally, the only way e-liquid could make it to the middle of the coil/s, was by wicking juice from the bottom of the deck, or dripping through the tip. A process that still works, with good cotton and proper wicking technique, but one that had some obvious flaws, especially to those new to the squonk scene like myself. Now, with the umbrella, coils receive a sufficient supply of liquid with every bottle press, drastically decreasing the chances of dry cotton in the middle of coil/s!

Don’t have the squonking pin installed? That’s ok, drippers will find that as long as they have their coils positioned properly, e-liquid will pour off the top of the umbrella and flow on top of coilart. The huge 9mm Ultem drip-tip supports any bottle design, and even supports glass style droppers.

In a sense, BPI set squonkers up for success. The Yellow Jacket is like the shallow end of a in-ground swimming pool with a waterfall right in the middle, keeping your hair dry is going to be pretty hard (unless of course you’re wearing a shower cap). Same goes for that nice dual clapton build – as long as you press that silicone bottle once in awhile, your cotton is almost guaranteed to stay saturated.

For me, the biggest turn off with squonking was finding that ‘feel’, or just the right amount of pressure to apply to a squonk bottle. Just when I thought I had it down, I’d get a semi-dry hit after two short pulls. I had a work around for my lack of BF experience though, dripping and squonking. I’d press the bottle a few times (occasionally just once), and drip e-liquid over top of my build immediately after; and this ‘technique’ worked great for the most part. But, what I really wanted was a top-side juice delivery system that could compensate for my ‘newb’ level ability. BPI offered just that!

This RDA will work great for squonkers and drippers alike. It combines key design elements from both vaping styles. When it was first released, the YJ retailed for $50, but now (thanks to constant innovation within the industry), you can pick one up for about half that!

I really hope top e-juice delivery is a trend that continues. Heck, I’d like to see this design element improved upon – perhaps even a juice channel (This Idea Patent Pending…) routed through the post terminals – but there’s really no telling what the future holds. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Purchase the BPI Yellow Jacket BF RDA here.

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