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The Wotofo X JMT Elite Warrior is a 25MM, clamp style, BF RDA. The spacious deck allows for extra large coil installs, and the beehive style airflow supplies sufficient airflow to any build.

Coil installs can be a breeze for novice and advanced vapers, but anyone unfamiliar with clamp style decks, they can be a bit tricky. Today we have a step-by-step tutorial for completing a Wotofo Warrior Dual Coil build.

Step 1 – Preparing The Deck


First, you’ll want to back all four screws of the RDA all the way out (not literally out of the posts, but until you cannot see the top of the screw anymore…). With clamp style RDAs, you can actually flip the deck upside down once this step has been completed to ‘loosen’ the clamps from the bottom, so they will move freely within the posts.

Step 2 – Installing The Coils


Like most things in life, there’s actually a few ways to go about a coil installation. On the Warrior RDA, and other clamp style decks, I prefer to start by inserting one coil on the left or right side of the deck (doesn’t actually matter at this point…).

You can then proceed to tighten all four post screws, just enough to make an indent on the single coil you have inserted on the deck. After doing this, bend both leads of the coil upwards, and snip them as close as possible to the edge of the post. Remove the coil once this has been accomplished, and repeat the tightening and snipping process with your remaining coil.


If your coils look a bit ‘off’, you need not worry, we will do a final adjustment later. The main thing you’re looking for here is spacing between the posts and coil.

Note – It is important to line your coils up as close to where you’d like them to sit as possible. You want a bit of space between the coil and the posts (enough to see the light…), but not much more.

Step 3 – Pre Adjustment – Re-Tighten


Use a similar diameter builder’s rod (as the Inner Diameter | ID of the coils) to adjust them where you’d prefer them to sit on the deck. Space is key here; you want to see the bottom of the deck when looking at the coils from the top, and you want each side to sit high enough off the deck so that it is even-ish with the airflow on your RDA. For the Warrior, and most RDAs actually, this happens to be right in the middle of the post hole opening.


After you’ve made your adjustments on both sides, ALWAYS re-tighten your post screws; you’ll want everything to be nice and tight before pulsing.

Step 4 – Pulsing | Fiddling | Strumming

This just happens to be my favorite step, and I’m not really sure why. I always start step four by throwing a few quick pulses at the coils (literally .5 seconds on a dual 18650 mech box) just to ‘wake’ the coils up a bit.

Then, taking a good solid builder’s rod like the one pictured here:


Begin strumming the coils in-between short pulses (pulse – strum – pulse – strum), until you’ve worked out all hot spots.

If the hot spots remain present, I normally try fiddling with the same inner diameter builders rod:


After you’ve completed your fiddling/strumming, your coils should be glowing evenly from the inside out.

TIP: It doesn’t take much to get your coils glowing evenly. No extra pressure is needed here. Just use a light strumming motion with your rod. 


Step 5 – Final Check – Even Glow


Step 4 may take 5-10 minutes, especially with a more complicated coil. It’s is important to tighten your post screws down once more before moving forward.

In the end, regardless of the coil type, you want everything glowing evenly from the inside out:


If everything seems spot on, go ahead and give your build one final ‘big’ pulse, until the coils are glowing red hot. Set the build aside, and let everything cool down (cool to the touch). Your build should have developed some cool colors like shown below:


Step 6 – Wick

Grab your cotton of choice. I prefer organic Japanese , cotton bacon, or native wick platinum blend. I decided to use the provided organic sheets with the set of Chris’s Handmade Coils (no wasting!!!).


Your cotton may have a thin outer layer of tougher material holding the soft plush cotton. If it does, carefully rip it off on both sides (like shown above). If you’re using a brand name cotton like Cotton Bacon, or Native Wicks, this will not be necessary.


Cut your sheet accordingly (to the ID of the coil), and insert/pull one end of the cotton through. A good rule of thumb for measuring the amount of cotton you’ll need is 1.5 times the ID. So if you have a 3mm coil, use piece of cotton measuring 4.5mm in width.


Next, you’ll want to cut your cotton to length. Having a bit extra to work with is fine, as you’ll be tucking a good portion of it underneath the coils.


Once you’ve cut your cotton. You can proceed to tuck the end ‘bits’ into the deck, and underneath the coil. The finished product should look something like this:



Congrats! You’ve successfully installed a set of coils on the Warrior RDA. Feel free to find your favorite juice, wet the cotton, and start vaping!

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