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Wismec likes to keep up with competitors by releasing tons of different devices, with all sorts of vapers in mind. A more extreme example of this was their release of the Wismec Active 80W Box Mod. With that design, they were thinking of music-loving, outdoorsy vapers. As you can imagine, some vapers thought that was a pretty odd idea, but I loved it. There seems to be a trend, now, not just from Wismec, but other brands, for releasing a starter kit device that is suitable for both MTL and DTL vaping. Who doesn’t want the option to do both? But sometimes the execution of these sorts of products fail in one department. Enter the Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit, a kit that actually does this right. Here are 3 reasons why the Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit is a great pen style vape for beginners.

1. The Device is Easy To Use

Even though the Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit offers both MTL and DTL vaping styles and two separate vaping modes, the device itself is very simple to use. Most pen style vapes are, but not all of them offer the option to vape in both MTL and DTL. It’s five clicks of the firing button to turn the Sinuous Solo on and off, and while the device works in Bypass Mode, as well as Constant Power mode, the selection is made for you based on the resistance of your coil. If you are using a coil with a resistance of 0.79-ohms or less, the Sinuous Solo will automatically select Bypass Mode (indicated by the green LED light). If your coil is 0.8-ohms or greater, then it will switch to Constant Power mode (a white LED light).

This wouldn’t be a good kit without that battery light indicator either. The LED light will stay lit at 60% to full charge, slowly flash when you reach 59-30%, flash moderately at 29-10%, and then finally, quickly flash at less than 10%.

2. The Wismec Amor NS Pro Tank

The Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit would really be nothing without the Amor NS Pro tank. It’s got a gold-plated 510 connector, a 510 drip tip, and a Pyrex straight glass. The top filling system is a breeze. It’s got a sliding, push-to-open top fill, so all you need to do is located the spot on the top base of the tank and push it, then you’ll locate the fill port.

The best part of this tank is the bottom airflow. This is what makes it easier to switch between MTL and DTL vaping (aside from the coil options). There is a wide-open airflow slot, as well as three small holes meant for MTL vaping. The airflow is nice and smooth and fully closeable. The only downside of the tank is it does not come with a bubble glass. That means your juice capacity is 2ml. If you’re using this device primarily for MTL vaping, the capacity won’t seem so bad. But if you’re vaping it with the DTL coil and setting, you’ll have to refill more often than you’d like.

3. The Wismec Amor NS Pro’s Coils

The Amor NS Pro Tank uses the Wismec WS Amor coil system. Included in the kit are two coils: a 0.27-ohm WS-M Mesh coil (for use from 30-60W) and a 1.3-ohm WS04 MTL coil (for 8-14W). Please note that the Wismec Sinuous Solo Kit has a max output capability of 40W, so with the mesh coils, don’t expect to reach that 60W output. The mesh coil option is great on flavor, especially around 35W, while the MTL coil delivers a pleasant, clean vape. Both airflow options work very well with the respective coils, especially the restricted draw from the MTL airflow slots.

Who is the Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit Best For? Beginners, MTL Vapers, and Those Who Want Convenience

I really think most pen style vapes are a great option for beginning vapers, because these are the people who have most likely just kicked their cigarette habit. The Sinuous Solo Kit offers you the choice: stay in your comfort zone and use it as an MTL vape, or try out DTL vaping and see if you like it. You can easily switch between the two by swapping out the coil and changing the airflow. This kit offers some nice flavor with the mesh coil, and the MTL coil isn’t bad either. I’m not sure that more seasoned vapers would really care for this kit as much as beginners would. But I will say that it’s a nice option to have if you want an on-the-go vape pen that suits multiple vaping needs.

Purchase the Wismec Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit here.

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