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The vape marketplace is loaded with a ton of really cool mods. Companies have options for those on a budget, and those looking to splurge a little. For the money though, the Wismec Noisy Cricket II without question still offers the best bang for your buck.

I started using the Noisy Cricket Version II-25 a few months after it was released to the general public. Unlike many who started with the original, I did not have the pleasure of doing so. So, the second updated release of the sleek, dual 18650 mod was a first time for me.

Although I couldn’t find an exact release date, I was able to find an overview video of the individual responsible for the Noisy Cricket, Mr. Jay Bo, that was published Nov. 23rd of 2016.

After purchasing, I used my mod for close five-six months, before posting a review on my YouTube channel about a year ago. Since then, I have used the very same box mod almost every other day.

Noisy Cricket II-25 Features:

  • Multiple circuit protection system (atomizer, short circuit, and low voltage)
  • Optional circuit in parallel and series
  • Dual 18650 utilization
  • Alternative operating mode
  • Adjustable voltage (2-6V)
  • Battery display functionality
  • Fits 25mm tanks and RDA’s
  • Dimensions: 48x25x87mm
  • 510 spring loaded pin

Retail Price: $31.07

What Makes The Noisy Cricket II So Great?

The Noisy Cricket is super flexible. It works as a regulated or unregulated mod in parallel mode, and has the ability to fire series builds in unregulated mod as well. Sure, there’s no temp control or large display screen (and if you’re into that kind of thing, this mod probably isn’t for you anyway), but the fit and finish more than make up for that.

It has a sleek design that easily fits in your pocket or bag (a little large with a pair of 18650 cells side by side), it’s not overly heavy either, which means you won’t mind bringing it to a friend’s house from time to time.

Its circuit protection allows users to fire their builds safely in a regulated mode, and offers unregulated firing options for those who have been vaping for awhile. And let’s face it, there aren’t many mods on the market today (if any) bring all that to the table. In many cases, vapers will have a regulated box mod, and a separate mechanical device for unregulated setups. But with the Noisy Cricket, users can click the fire buttons a few times to switch between both.

How will you know when your batteries need to be charged you might ask? Without a display, Wismec had to develop a work around. They built a lighted battery % notification system into the the fire button (or around it to be specific). By simply clicking this button, vapers can get an idea of the remaining battery charge. It has worked great for me, even better than I thought it would.

All in all, the second release of the Noisy Cricket is an absolute pleasure to use. And, I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about its lack of bells and whistles. But when the day is done, and you’ve been using the mod for hours on end without issue, you really won’t miss having a wattage output to look at. And then you take into consideration the fact that it’s only $30 brand new!

This box mod is like the pickup truck of vape devices. It’s built like a brick, can go off-roading or pick groceries up at the store. It looks good cleaned or a bit dirty, is not effected by a few bumps in the road (drops…), and does a great job at getting sh*t done.

If my II-25 ever breaks (I don’t think it will anytime soon…), or gets run over by a car, I’d order another replacement online the very same day. I like this mod so much, that I’ve seriously considered having two going at the same time for reviews. Wismec and Jay Bo both earn an A++ for this little gem.

Because this mod is so old, it’s not the easiest device to find. I’ve included a link to the one place I was able to find an authentic version for sale below! Pick one up — you won’t be disappointed!

Purchase your own Noisy Cricket here

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