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Think you have seen it all in vaping technology? Think again. While a lot of innovative vaping gear ends up becoming standard, there are some mods that try to beat the competition with unique features that may remain more of a novelty. Wismec manufactured a mod for the active vaper; the vaper who hikes, camps, goes to the beach—people outdoorsy enough to warrant a vape mod designed to withstand outdoor dangers. And this isn’t just a copy of the GeekVape Aegis Legend. Wismec brings these types of vapers the Wismec Active 80W TC Box Mod—and get this, it has a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you can listen to music while you vape. Just when you were thinking that vape tech wouldn’t get any weirder. But don’t diss it until you’ve tried it. This sort of design has the potential to become more than just a novelty.

Let’s Unbox it: The Wismec Active 80W TC Box Mod

Wismec Active 80W TC Box Mod
The Wismec Active 80W TC Box Mod in Orange

Rugged, but still stylish, the design of the Wismec Active reminds me a lot of an Altec Lansing outdoor Bluetooth speaker. The construction of the mod is a combination of zinc alloy and aluminum, while the silicone sleeve serves as a protective element. Personally, I love the idea of being able to play music via Bluetooth and vape while I’m on a hike or doing something else outdoors, so I was excited to test the Active.

I received the orange color Active, but it’s also available in black and silver and some newer colors if you choose to purchase the kit with an Amor NS or Amor NSE tank.

What’s in the Box?

The ACTIVE 80W Box Mod, an Ergonomic Hook, a MicroUSB Cable, and a User Manual.

The Buttons

Figuring out how to use the Wismec Active 80W TC Box Mod is pretty easy, especially if you’re a seasoned vaper. Charge it via micro USB first, then pair it with a tank. You will find buttons on each side of the mod, while the faces of the mod have a side with a grate and a side with the speaker. The firing button, above the display screen, turns on the device with five clicks. The adjustment buttons for power settings are below the 0.91-inch OLED screen. And beneath that, you will find the micro USB port if you pull back the silicone cover.

The opposite side has the Bluetooth controls. Click the power button to turn it on, then go to your Bluetooth settings in your phone to pair it with the Wismec Active. It will tell you once it’s connected. Then, start playing music via Spotify, Youtube, Pandora—your choice! I have checked all avenues and nothing is incompatible. You can turn the volume up or down on your device by holding the skip/volume buttons down. To skip a song or go back, press the button once.

Need to Know Details of the Wismec Active

This mod is shockproof (Wismec says it can withstand 10 foot drops) and water resistant, but Wismec makes it clear that you should not use it without the silicone casing. If you drop it without the casing, you may damage the battery and/or the waterproof capability. Remember that your tank is not waterproof i, so if you wish to test the Active submerged underwater, remove the tank first.

The Active has a built-in 2100mAh battery and outputs up to 80W.

Just because this mod is meant for mid-range power settings does not mean that you need to sacrifice other vaping modes. The Active’s vaping modes include standard wattage, temperature control, bypass mode, and TCR. The micro USB port allows for charging, as well as firmware updates.

Vaping Experience

When I got the Wismec Active, the first thing I really wanted to test out was the Bluetooth speaker. It’s not every day that you see a mod with this capability. I had heard some mixed opinions on the speaker quality previously. But I honestly don’t know what they were talking about. The speaker on the Active is impressive. The volume levels are balanced and you can get some serious sound out of the Active.

I left the speaker going while I tried vaping it to see if there would be any issues using both features simultaneously. The first tank I tried with the Active was the VooPoo Uforce T2 sub-ohm tank (currently sold with the VooPoo Drag 2 Kit). With the tank, I used the VooPoo 0.4ohm U2 Dual Coil (for use of 40-80W). I didn’t notice any device problems while vaping and listening to music—except I did notice an occasional misfire. Not really a big complaint. That battery was working hard.

Flavor and Vapor Production

This is only a max 80W output mod, so I wasn’t expecting enormous clouds. With every tank I tried, the vapor production was nice. The flavor is smooth, and though a bit more muted at those lower wattages, it isn’t disappointing. Of course, remember that the tank remains a factor with your flavor and vapor quality, so choose your tanks wisely.

TC and TCR Modes

After using the Active for two weeks, I have to say that the TC and TCR modes are not utterly disappointing. It’s not the best temperature control experience I’ve had, but the Active didn’t bomb, so I was happy with it. It did function a bit better in standard power mode, but it was a close call.

The Wismec Active 80W TC Box Mod Isn’t Just a Novelty Device

I was seriously worried I would be disappointed with the Wismec Active. Not the case. I was impressed with this mod’s capabilities. I submerged it in water while the speaker was going—it worked! To test the shockproof claims, I gave it a few good drops. There was not a dent or a piece broken. Vaping the Active at the max 80W, the flavor was still nice and the mod didn’t start overheating. My only complaint is the occasional misfire if you are listening to music and vaping at the same time. A small complaint and not a reason to avoid the Active. The battery life should last you a good day’s worth, even with music playing for part of the day. If you use the speaker for hours, though, expect to recharge sooner. If you’re a music lover who vapes, that alone is a good reason to get a Wismec Active.

Purchase the Wismec Active 80W TC Mod for $59.99.

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