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Aided by the recent rise of vaping, the number of smokers in Wisconsin have reached a new low.  



In a Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System research project, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) pointed to the Wisconsin smoking rate falling to a record 16 percent last year, down one percent after remaining stagnant for the past several years, seehafernews.com reported.  

The one generation which demonstrated the most vigor to quit smoking traditional cigarettes (mostly by switching to e-cigarettes) were individuals aged 35 to 44 years old. This age group, which mixes Gen X and Gen Y, smoked at a 24-percent clip in 2016 and fell to 19 percent in 2017, according to DHS.  

State Health Officer Karen McKeown communicated her appreciation for the efforts of local organizations to help complete the study.  

“The hard work by community organizations, health educators, families, and young people to provide information about the dangers of smoking, and programs available to help people quit, is making a difference,” McKeown said. “We are grateful to all Wisconsin citizens who are helping to reduce tobacco use statewide.”  

Paced by companies like JUUL Labs, a steady rise of vapers in the U.S. played a big role in the smoking dip in Wisconsin.  


No way.  

One study, titled ”E-cigarette Use and Associated Changes in Population Smoking Cessation: Evidence from US Current Population Surveys,” echoed the conclusion of several other research programs: a higher-percentage of vapers are likely to quit combustible cigarettes over non-vapers.  

Associates from the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health (DFMPH) and Moores Cancer Center united at the University of California to complete their research last year.   

After collecting data from 161,054 individuals, the group concluded nearly half recently quit cigarettes in favor of vaping, according to seehafernews.com.  

The DHS researchers also emphasized e-cigarettes should not be considered a gateway to smoking traditional cigarettes.  

In fact, it’s the opposite.  


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