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Today, we’ll take a took at the best way to wick the 25mm OBS Engine RTA. This wicking technique can be used as a general guideline for wicking most other RDTAs on the market as well.

Wicking a rebuildable tank can be a pain, especially if you’ve never done it before. There are a few tips and tricks you can use when wicking virtually any RDTA to help ensure you experience the best vape possible. If you’ve been vaping for awhile, this guideline may seem unnecessary, but if you’re new to the vape community, this step-by-step guide can really help you out!

Today I’ll be using the OBS Engine RTA. It’s a 25mm unit, with a 17mm two post build deck, that utilizes grub screws for securing you’re build. I decided to install some 2.5mm staggered claptons for this tutorial, but the OBS and other large RDTAs could support 3mm coils with ease.

Coil Position


First things first, make sure you have your coils centered over the cotton wicking holes on the bottom of the deck, and as close to the middle of the vertical post holes on both sides. This will help to ensure your vape juice is wicked efficiently.

The Right Amount


For the OBS Engine, I’ve found that packing the coils with an adequate amount of cotton is key. After you have wicked both sides of the deck, trim off excess cotton making the width of the wicking material even with the diameter of the coils themselves. After you have both sides complete, you’re ready to move on.

The Right Length


Another crucial step to wicking an RTA or RDTA is measuring the cotton after you’ve trimmed the excess bulk on each side. To measure, simply take one side of the cotton with your finger and make sure it is long enough to touch the bottom of the deck. Repeat this step for each side, and trim. Starting with a piece of cotton that is on the longer side can really help here; you can always trim more, but its impossible to add length. The idea behind the measurement step is to ensure that your wicking material will be able to touch the liquid on the bottom of the tank underneath the deck; this will allow you to vape the topper until it is practically empty!

Saturating Before Vaping

I’ve seen many people make this mistake before, and I can understand why. It doesn’t seem like a necessary step to be honest. But saturating your build prior to filling can help minimize the chances of a dry hit from failure to let the tank sit after filling. To complete this step, simple drip liquid on your build and cotton like you would an RDA, give the coils a few pulses, and saturate the coils some more. Do this until wick/coils stop soaking up liquid, and excess e-juice starts to pour down onto the bottom of the deck.

Let Everything Sit

I like to pre-soak the coils with e-juice and let everything sit for at least five minutes. This really decreases the chance of a dry hit when you go to vape.

Another tip: use a lower viscosity liquid to ease the speed the wicking up in-between vapes. Liquid used for dripping is to heavy, and cannot has a hard time making it’s way up to the center of the coils!

Wrap Up

That’s it! Making sure you have enough cotton, trimming excess wick to match the diameter of your coil/s, and cutting the cotton to the correct length (so that it touches the bottom of the deck) will guarantee a good vape!

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