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JUUL Labs is focused on its next wave of expansion domination: the Great White North.

The preeminent e-cigarette producer in the U.S. is set to skate into the providences and attempt to score with Canada’s more than five million adult smokers. JUUL also is attempting to stay out of the penalty box with youth agencies who whistled the San Francisco-based vaping giant for attracting minors to its devices, according to the Star Business Journal.

How about that, eh?

Spurring the JUUL Canadian expansion plans, legislators approved last May Bill S-5, which allowed for the legal sale of vaping devices to individuals at least 19 years old.

JUUL launched its new expanded Canadian footprint Aug. 30, providing products online and at retail stores across the nation’s 13 provinces and territories. A pod is expected to retail for $21, Star Business Journal reported.

Previous purchases of JUUL devices were not authored by the new Canadian operation, General Manager Mike Nederhoff said.

JUUL’s e-cigarette sales in the U.S. represented nearly 72 percent of the market share, Wells Fargo stated. The company is equipped with a valuation of $15 billion.

That’s pretty good, eh?

Now, with JUUL invading Canada, its public intention is to reach the millions of adult Canuck smokers and give them an alternative to smoking traditional nicotine-based cigarettes.

“The idea is to transition users off of combustible cigarettes and to a vaping system,” Nederhoff told the Star Business Journal.

JUUL initially will produce pods with five percent nicotine, which is intended to clone the act of smoking cigarettes. Then, the company will offer three-percent pods and gradually move toward offering 1.5-percent pods, Nederhoff said.

Slick business move, eh?

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