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Squonking. It’s a weird word, isn’t it? Makes me think of bird sounds. Turns out, it’s actually about vaping. Kidding aside, I had been looking into purchasing a squonk mod for quite some time, but was never able to talk myself into it. Recently, my inner voice won out, and I decided to pick one up. Today, I’ll give you some insight on the matter after squonking for the first time, a squonking first impressions of sorts.

Finding A Mod

The first thing I noticed, like shopping for other vape related devices online, is that there are A LOT of choices out there. For me it was a bit intense; “do I want a single 18650 box or a dual battery box?, would I prefer a mod that’s able to utilize different size batteries?, would I like a squonker with an output display, or stick with a simple unregulated version?” The options felt limitless.

Then there are the bottles…geez, the bottles. I had a general idea of the “squonking concept” going into my search, but had no idea how many different bottle choices there were. Bottle made from different materials, soft – hard, smooth – textured, knurled top portions that make it easier to screw on and off; the list went on and on. And as it would turn out, the bottle type actually ended up being a deciding factor in the first mod I decided to purchase.

I ended up grabbing the Recurve Squonk box by Wotofo and Mike Vapes for a few reasons:

  1. It had the ability to utilize four different battery types (18650/20650/20700/21700)
  2. Had a super easy to use bottle system
  3. Used a proprietary bottle with knurled bits on the cap and top of the bottle
  4. Did not have a output display
  5. Had a unique form factor, that I felt would be comfortable squonking for long periods of time

Setting Everything Up

Even though I had a few RDA’s with squonking pins, I wanted to purchase something new to go along with the Recurve. I went with the Hellvape X Heathen X TVC Drop Dead BF RDA. After opening the RDA, I realized that a regular 510 pin was installed instead of the squonk pin. No worries for me though, I had replaced adjustable 510 pins in the past, and managed to swap the pin out in a matter of a few minutes (check out the tutorial for that here soon!). Installing the coils on the Drop Dead was also as easy as 1-2-3 (watch out for a coil install tutorial for that as well!).

There wasn’t really to much to do to set up the squonker. Once I found the 18650 battery sled, and fooled around with the sliding mechanism on the bottle door for a few minutes, I felt confident enough to move forward.

Squonking For The First Time

For me, the overall concept of ‘squonking’ was actually quite easy to grasp. You’re basically replacing the bottle that you’d normally use to drip, with a smaller bottle that’s carried on the bottom of your device. And instead of dripping liquid from the top of your RDA, liquid is pushed through a squonk bottle into the bottom of the RDA. Quite a simple concept really!

There was a bit of a learning curve, though. I’ll go through the some of the ‘hitches’ I ran into when first starting off.

Filling the bottle with e-liquid was super easy, but closing and installing the bottle? Another story entirely. What a mess.

Even though the Recurve bottle had the knurling making it easier to grasp, I must have spilled liquid through the top of the tube three or four times before trying to figure out a better way to go about things.

First, I tried to remove the tube from the bottle entirely — placing it on the metal tube (connected to the squonker), and then taking then pushing the cap onto the plastic tube again. This did not work very well.

After failing miserably, I tried closing the top of the plastic bottle straw with my finger while screwing the cap back on the bottle; this worked a bit better, but things still got a bit messy.

Eventually, I decided the best way to go about things would be to keep the plastic straw in the top of the cap, and push both pieces onto the metal squonking tube, and once they were secure, tighten the bottom portion of the bottle – this ended up working perfectly. A simple tip like this in the directions of the Recurve would’ve been nice!

It was actually pretty hard to get the feel for the adequate pressure to use while pressing the bottle. I ended up looking down through the outer sleeve of the Drop Dead for a good five to 10 minutes while pressing the bottle, just to get a feel for the whole thing. And on more than one occasion, after vaping for several minutes, I had to find a lighted area – remove my drip tip – and press the squonk bottle while looking at the bottom of the RDA, just to make sure I was doing it right.


I really, really like the concept here. One of the biggest downfalls about dripping is that, you kind of have look down at what you’re doing. Sure, you can drip without looking down, but if you want to ensure you’re saturating your cotton properly, you need to pay attention. Squonking allows you to relax a bit; you can saturate your cotton without looking at your device at all. Even though I’ve spent less than 24hrs with my first squonking setup, I can see how it could be really useful in a variety of situations. Squonking is kind of like having the liquid of a tank, and the flavor of an RDA. I can already see what the fuss has been about!

Ready to give squonking a shot? Select from a wide range of devices here.

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