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It’s a story we know too well. You’re in traffic. Red lights illuminate the still gray morning. Your car is averaging 15mph, and you’re all-too-familiar with the bumper stickers on the car in front of you. So you pass the time by grabbing your vape and puffing away.

Suddenly, you realize you’re out of e-liquid. Normally, this is a 15-second problem, thanks to improving tank design and convenient travel liquid bottles. But when your hands are supposed to be at 10 and 2, eyes on the road, filling a vape tank becomes an exercise in finger gymnastics, chased by a little prayer.

When done responsibly, vaping can be a great way to ease the monotony of a never-ending commute. But the emphasis is on “responsibly.” Here are a few tips for keeping yourself safe when vaping and driving.

Plan ahead before you leave

We’re sure you’re all quality drivers earning points and rebates from your insurance companies. But even the best drivers can’t possibly refill while operating a car. So, be sure you have spare devices at the ready, so you’re not forced to pull over or do something dumb behind the wheel.

Ideally, you’ll have a separate vape mod or pen handy, already attached to a filled tank. Then, you can simply put one down, grab the other, and wait for traffic to clear safely. However, if you’re a one-device kind of person, this can get tricky. Unscrewing a tank and attaching another isn’t difficult…unless you’re sitting in a two-ton SUV in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Then it’s as dangerous as refilling on the move.

Our suggestion? Have spare batteries/mods at the ready, and have the tanks attached. It might be more gear than you want to carry to work. But isn’t that better than coming in late because you rear-ended the minivan in front of you?

Air it out

I think we can all agree that vaping definitely smells better than smoking. And the pleasant e-liquid aromas don’t linger or stick to clothing (or your breath for that matter). But if you’re in tight traffic with windows open all over the highway, be courteous of those around you. Your massive vape clouds might dissipate quickly, but that doesn’t mean the family of four next to you wants a giant rip of your vape, just because you’re bored.

The same rule applies for carpools. You might be driving… it might be your car… and your new mixed berry e-liquid smells like heaven itself. But this is subjective, my friends. And there’s a good chance your car mates might not want a face full of your vapor, even in the most horrendous traffic.

If you must vape while driving with others, be sure you’re blowing your plumes directly out of the car, away from a breeze that might knock it back into a different window. Also, strongly consider cranking the air conditioner and closing those other windows, to keep your vape from re-entering the vehicle.

Finally, whether you’re alone or in a crammed car, stuck in traffic, or cruising at a good speed, never let your thick, voluminous vapor clouds interfere with your vision. Because, while smokers never really produced clouds of this magnitude, vaping devices can put out some seriously thick wafts of milky goodness. And they’re hard to see through if you’re blowing them directly in front of you.

It seems silly, but we can imagine more than few accidents have occurred because someone hindered their vision with a massive sub-ohm draw from a low-resistance coil. Just like you don’t want fog on the outside blocking your view of the road, don’t let fog on the inside do the same thing.

In the end, vaping and driving safely really comes down to common sense. If you use your head and pay attention to your surroundings, vaping and driving can be an enjoyable escape from the monotony of car travel. Just let it be a form of relaxation, not a cause of additional stress and concern.