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VooPoo is arguably most known for their intuitive Gene Chip chipset. You might recognize the VooPoo name if you know some of their older devices, like the VooPoo Drag or their UForce T1 tank. This brand is consistently putting out devices that are worth the price, and the VooPoo VMate 200W TC and Uforce T1 Starter Kit is no exception. Are you looking for a powerful box mod, but don’t want something that’s so heavy? VooPoo created the VMate Starter Kit with this thought in mind, bringing a 200W output mod and tank combo that is competitive with other starters, plus weighs about thirty percent less than most other 200W kits.

The Light Weight Build: Is it a Hit or Miss?

The chassis of the VooPoo VMate 200W mod is crafted from zinc alloy instead of stainless steel. You can find the body in a silver or pewter color, with further customization options for the side battery door panels. These are plastic and available in various colors such as waterfall black, wood, rock black (which looks like black marble), red or green camouflage, emerald green, a red and blue version, and a blue swirled design called surf blue. The plastic battery doors—though they bring a nice aesthetic with their design—sort of make this kit feel a little cheap.

Some Basics of the VMate Mod

Since the battery doors are located in the same spot that we usually find a firing bar, it might feel a bit awkward at first. The firing button is on the top right side of the mod, above the battery door plate. On the front of the mod, you have a 0.91-inch OLED screen and below that, the micro-USB port. On the left side of the mod, you will find your two menu/selection button toward the top. Again, above one of the battery doors. For those of you who are used to a certain design, you may be weirded out by the battery doors on either side of the mod, and the buttons on the top corners. As with any habit, we can adjust.

Navigating the VooPoo VMate Menu and Selection Options

Navigating your menu is pretty easy, but there are some changes from what you may be used to with other mods, so let’s go over them.

  • As with most devices, five clicks will turn the VMate on and off.
  • To access your wattage adjustment in TC mode, press the firing button four times, adjust the wattage with the selection buttons.
  • Hold both of the selection buttons to access the menu screen. Press the fire button to confirm an option.
  • To lock your device, press the fire button and the up menu button.
  • To change from a vaping mode, click the firing button three times to scroll through Power, Ni200, Ti, and SS and select.

The Gene Fan Chip

The VooPoo VMate 200W TC and Uforce T1 Starter Kit uses the Gene Fan chipset. This offers the standard power mode and a temperature control suite for all of your Ni, Ti, and SS needs. The Gene fan chip fires your mod within 20 to 30 milliseconds. That’s fast! That also means it’s ultra-quick when adjusting your power settings. To access the settings, press the “+” or up button on the mod five times.

The Uforce T1 Tank

We previously reviewed the Uforce T1 tank by VooPoo. The tank is solid, with a few minor issues, but it does the job. Vaping on the Uforce T1 tank is a great experience if you use the Uforce Mesh N1 coil. These coils have a nice life, offer amazing flavor thanks to the mesh technology, and don’t have a lot of flavor degradation until about a week and a half to two weeks of vaping.

The Uforce T1 has a nice bottom airflow, a cool knurled design, and it’s well-built without being too heavy. It’s got a push-to-open top fill and a large fill port. As far as design on the Uforce T1 goes, VooPoo nailed it. Plus, the tank has an 8ml juice capacity which is really awesome.

Vaping with the VooPoo VMate 200W TC and Uforce T1 Starter Kit

I gave the Uforce some further testing and came to the same conclusion: it’s a nice sub-ohm tank, but there are a few bugs. As mentioned, the N1 coil is my preference. It’s a 0.13-ohm coil with an output range of 50-100W. You get great flavor and sizable clouds from this coil. However the Uforce U2 coil is just okay. You can get some nice flavor out of the U2, but it’s nothing special as far as coils go. The U2 is a dual coil rated at 0.4-ohms, meant for 40-80W.

Sizing Up The Kit: Is the VooPoo VMate Starter Kit a Good Buy?

I’ve given this starter a good shot. The VooPoo VMate 200W TC and Uforce T1 Starter Kit makes for a nice vaping experience overall. Even if you swap out the tank for something else, the VMate mod is powerful, especially for being a lighter weight. I’m not sure if a lot of vapers like the idea of having plastic on a good portion of their mod, but if you’re looking for something that outputs up to 200W and is easier to tote around, the VMate is a good choice. Once you use the buttons on the mod, you get used to the idea that they’re located a bit differently than the norm.

The Uforce T1 tank is a good match for the kit and it does a bang-up job if you just want a basic tank that offers mesh coils. Plus, that 8ml capacity is something you don’t come across as often.  If anything, this starter is a great buy for those of you looking for a more portable mod and tank combo, a nice TC suite, and a responsive chipset like the Gene Fan.

Purchase the VooPoo VMate 200W TC and Uforce T1 Starter Kit here.

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