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VooPoo’s Drag series have easily become some of the most popular mods out there. Of course, that’s not to say that these guys don’t have any competition. Like with any successful device, there are other companies that try to outdo VooPoo’s Drag. The original Drag 157W Box Mod garnered success for this company and it hasn’t stopped. I’ve owned a few of their devices and have seen the evolution from the original Drag to the newer VooPoo Drag 2 Starter Kit. These have both been solid, well-performing devices that a lot of vapers love. But if you aren’t wanting a mod that’s as clunky, a good compromise is their VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod. VooPoo calls it a “pocket power beast” and though it’s a smaller version, it still has the same GENE chipset as the Drag 2, with very similar features.

Unboxing the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod

VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod

Like its predecessors, the VooPoo Drag Mini has some visually stunning resin panelling on the front, while the back has the signature “DRAG” logo. If you thought that the VooPoo Drag 2 felt pretty light, then you’ll be even more impressed with the lighter weight of the Mini. This device weighs in at 178 grams, which is a bit over just 6 ounces.

Appearance wise, the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod was exactly how I expected it to be—just a mini-me version of the Drag 2. However, when I first unboxed the Drag Mini, I was searching for a battery door—only to realize that there wasn’t one! This has an internal battery of 4400mAh, which VooPoo states are equal to two 18650 external batteries. We’ll talk about the battery life later, though.

If you purchase this as a kit, it is sold with the VooPoo UForce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank, the same that came with the Drag 2. Though this kit comes with a couple of different coil options to meet the needs of this smaller sized device. While the VooPoo Drag Mini is available in several resin color options with matching drip tips (if purchased as a kit), I received the combo called Lava, which is a swirl of yellow, red, and a bit of blue.

VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod
Unboxing the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod

Inside the Box:

  • VooPoo Drag Mini 117W Box Mod
  • Spare Parts
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

If Purchasing as a Kit, You Will Also Get:

VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod
The VooPoo Drag Mini (Kit Version)
  • UForce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One Spare Glass
  • VooPoo’s UForce T2 Coils:
      • 0.6 ohm P2 Single Mesh Coil
      • 0.13 ohm N1 Single Mesh Coil

Build Details

VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod
“DRAG” logo on the back of Drag Mini Box Mod

The design of the VooPoo Drag Mini is much the same as the Drag 2 and the craftsmanship is just as good. The body of the mod feels nice and solid but isn’t too heavy. In fact, with the reduced size of this mod, it was easier to hold. The edges have some slight curvature to them, which makes it more comfortable.

Like the Drag 2, the side face holds all of your buttons and the display screen. From the top, there is the fire button, below that is an OLED screen and two adjustment buttons. The micro-USB port is at the very bottom of that side—and since this is an internal battery device, you will have to charge via USB. The top end of the mod has a centered 510 connection that is very well machined. But I must add that since the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod is more compact, you may experience overhang with tanks over 25 or 26mm. Slap on a large RDA and you may hate the way it looks.

Operating the VooPoo Drag Mini Mod

The same GENE FIT chipset that powered the VooPoo Drag 2 is what powers the VooPoo Drag Mini Mod. Personally, I’ve had a great experience with this chipset and love how fast it operates. However, some vapers weren’t fans of the menu navigation. The GENE FIT Chipset includes all of those necessary safety protections and intuitively recognizes your coil. You are prompted to select whether your coil is new or old, though, when you screw on your atomizer, to ensure for the best reading of the coil.

The GENE FIT Chipset fires up very, very quickly. This is a speed demon. So much so, that when you click fives times to turn off the mod, the tank starts to fire up. For most, this is a great feature (don’t you hate when your mod lags?).  

The Vaping Modes

The VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod’s GENE FIT chipset includes a TC suite for Ni, Ti, and SS materials, standard wattage mode, and their FIT mode.

VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod
FIT Mode with the GENE FIT Chipset

Offering three options to improve your vaping experience, FIT mode is a clever feature. FIT I is power saving mode, FIT II is flavor optimization, and FIT III focuses on optimizing your cloud production.

Menu Navigation: Simple, But Slightly Old School To Some

If you’ve vaped with any of the Drag devices from VooPoo, or some competitor device that’s strikingly similar, then you probably know how to navigate the menu system for the VooPoo Drag Mini. To turn your device on and off, it’s the standard five clicks. What differs here is the “main menu” screen isn’t really a thing here. To swap through vaping modes and your settings, you simply click the fire button three times and select which mode you’re going to vape with. Use the navigation buttons to scroll through options to fine tune.

Vaping with the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod

This was truly a pleasure to vape. Though smaller and a bit less powerful than the Drag 2, the VooPoo Drag Mini is a device that would please vapers who’re looking for a more compact version. I tested the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod with several tanks to get a feel for the performance in different vaping modes.

If you’ve used TC on any of the previous Drag devices, then you’ll know what to expect with the Mini. Delivering an accurate TC vape, there aren’t too many flaws to be found in temp mode. I found perhaps an occasional lag when adjusting the output. Other than that, the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod performs well. There may be some overhang if you use a larger RDA or RTA atop the Mini, but it can handle 25 to 26mm tanks without overhang.

Wattage Mode works very well on the Drag Mini. So well, that sometimes you may want to forget about TC vaping altogether. I tested the Mini at the max output of 117W and was impressed. The Mini does, in fact, hit that 117 well. I may not choose to vape that consistently, though, if you want to save battery power. For a smaller version of the Drag, the VooPoo Drag Mini outputs some nice vapor when paired with the right tank. The FIT Modes are a nice addition. I did notice a slight increase in battery life when using the battery optimization (FIT I). The FIT II flavor mode did seem to deliver a consistently good vape. But I failed to notice a large difference when it comes to FIT III, the cloud optimization mode.

The Overall Performance of the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod

Familiar with the original Drag and the Drag 2, I had some high expectations with the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod. Thankfully, those expectations were met. The Mini is truly just a smaller version of the Drag 2, the only differences being size, internal battery, and smaller max output. I noticed no drop in performance with the smaller version, and even with the internal batteries, I got a consistent 5-7 hours or more with the Drag Mini. On days that I vaped less, I was able to use the Mini for a full day before needing a recharge. You’ll see less battery drain if you choose to vape this at lower wattages. The one complaint I have with the Drag Mini (and Drag 2) is the potential chipping of the black finish on the chassis. It takes a few mishaps to chip it, though, so if you take care and don’t drop your mod, you should get a longer lifespan out of the finish.

VooPoo kept the integrity of the Drag 2 in a sized down version that looks just as nice and vapes just as well.

Purchase the VooPoo Drag Mini Box Mod from Giant Vapes

Looking for the kit? Find the VooPoo Drag Mini Starter Kit here.

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