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Voopoo is one of those brands that came onto the vape scene and quickly earned a following: myself included. While I absolutely love their Drag kits, such as the recent VooPoo Drag 2 that comes with the UForce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank, I had yet to try this slightly older kit: The VooPoo Caliber 110W and UForce Kit. After giving this a go, I can’t say it’s VooPoo’s best effort, but I do think there are some great points to it. For some, the Caliber Kit is a good go-to vape device, but for others, it may just fall a little flat.

Pro: The Design

As far as looks go, a lot of these pen style vaping devices sort of look the same. And while I won’t go as far to say that the VooPoo Caliber 110W and UForce Kit is all that unique, it has a certain something that makes it stand out a little more than other similar devices. For instance, the gnurling on the top base of the stick is nice to look at, but also functional, as it helps you get a good grip when unscrewing the tank from the battery base. The little details are quite nice as well, such as the resin drip tip, the pentagram pattern surrounding the 510 connector, and the shield-shaped fire button. The tank sits nicely on the mod, and overall, the look of the kit is quite stunning.

Pro: The Gene Chip and Fast Firing

VooPoo decided to equip the Caliber Kit with the Gene Chip, the chipset they’re known for. You will notice that the Caliber fires up very, very quickly. In fact, it fires in 15 milliseconds. If you hate a lag, then you’ll love that feature. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other features—such as a variety of vaping modes—to remind us that this is, indeed, the Gene Chip. However, the safety features and fast-firing, lack of misfires, and ability to output up to 110W make up for the lack of variety. I also tested the Gene Chip in the Caliber with a lower-resistance RDA, and was able to get some decent performance out of it, which for some, is unquestionably important.

Pro: The Built-In 3000mAh Battery

The VooPoo Caliber 110W and UForce Kit can keep you vaping for a full day if you’re a conservative vaper. I vape pretty moderately, but still got about seven hours of vaping out of this battery before I needed to recharge. It depends on the coil’s resistance, but typically the Caliber kept going whenever I thought it was about to die.

Pro: The VooPoo UForce Sub-Ohm Tank

Honestly, the original UForce tank from VooPoo is one of the better sub-ohms you can find. While they’ve since released the UForce T1 (a less impressive) and the UForce T2 (the best of the three), the UForce tank in this kit is still worth owning as a part of any vaper’s collection. You can get some nice flavor out of this sub-ohm, and some clouds that most vapers will find to be above average.

Con: The Decline in Flavor and Power

Since the VooPoo Caliber 110W and UForce Kit is a pen style vape with an internal battery, you might expect the performance to decline slightly with the battery life. However, some other pen style vapes give the option of regulating your output mode, aside from bypass. Normally, I don’t think this is much of an issue because we sort of know what we’re getting into when we purchase an internal battery kit. But in my opinion, the combination of the UForce U4 and U6 coils with the battery at 60 percent or below, is not a good one. The power does not die off as smoothly, and the decline in flavor and vapor is more noticeable than other pen styles on the market.

Con: The Coil Resistance for the UForce Coils

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these UForce coils. They’re pretty darn good sub-ohm coils, especially the U6 0.15-ohm sextuple coil. The issue here is that VooPoo was trying to make the Caliber 110W a very powerful vape device for its size, and unfortunately, when the power starts to die off in the battery, the coil resistance doesn’t match up and you’re left vaping a muted, less than pleasant flavor. In my opinion, this quirk needed some more work. I just can’t see that the coils hit their optimal wattage when using them with the Caliber. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe it wasn’t.

Con: The LED Light Indicator

There is a nice design recessed above the firing button where the LED battery life indicators are. Unfortunately, the lights are on the dimmer side, and it’s not very easy to tell where your battery life is when vaping the VooPoo Caliber 110W and UForce Kit. Compared to other competitor kits, the LED system on this is less easy to read. It’s always better to know what you’re battery life is at with an internal battery, especially when you’re out and about.

Who Would Like the VooPoo Caliber 110W and UForce Kit?

While there are a couple of cons, the kit itself is pretty solid. However, I wouldn’t recommend this for those who are really wanting a pen style vape to kit those higher wattages. The Caliber can do it, but once the battery life starts waning, there is a significant performance drop that will leave some vapers less than enthused. This is a good kit for beginners, though, or those who don’t mind the few cons. The UForce tank is perhaps the best part of the kit, I just wish it was a better match with the Caliber 110W’s battery.

Purchase the VooPoo Caliber 110W and UForce Kit here.

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