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Sometimes a starter kit is released and it makes such a good impression that people purchase it well after its initial release. In the vape industry, that’s really the mark of a good kit. These companies churn out device after device these days, so when a kit manages to remain a good seller after two years or so, there is a reason. Vaporesso released the Vaporesso Target Mini 40W Starter Kit in 2016, but there are still many retailers who keep this kit in stock. Why shouldn’t this one be forgotten like many others? Here are five reasons why the Vaporesso Target Mini 40W Starter Kit should still be a popular choice.

1. The Discreet, Comfortable Size Doesn’t Diminish the Performance Quality

When kits are this small, it can be a worry that they won’t perform with much gusto. That’s definitely how it goes with many “mini” versions, but not all. The Vaporesso Target Mini 40W Starter Kit remains to push out up to 40W very well, and even vaping in TC mode, there are little flaws in performance. With the combination of the Guardian Tank and the Vaporesso Target Mini Mod, there’s not a lot that this kit can’t do within its 40W capacity.

2. The Guardian Tank Uses Vaporesso’s CCELL Ceramic Coils

If you’ve owned a Vaporesso tank, you may already be familiar with their CCELL coil technology that they use with many of their devices. The CCELL ceramic coils give consistently nice flavor and very few dry hits. While I agree that your coils don’t have to be ceramic to get the most out of your flavor, I do think that these CCELLs seem to last me longer. Flavor degradation doesn’t occur as quickly, which will keep you vaping longer without frustration.

3. TC Mode is Especially Easy for New TC Users

While most TC modes require you to fool around with the wattage, the Vaporesso Target Mini 40W Starter Kit starts you off at 40W, and based on your temperature, doesn’t require much adjustment. It’s a lot easier than other kits that are fussier. It may not be a big deal to constant TC users, but those who are looking to give it a try, or don’t have much experience, this is a great little kit to start off with.

4. Stealthing Made Easy

The Vaporesso Target Mini 40W Starter Kit is so small, that this is the perfect little setup for stealthing. Unless you prefer smaller devices such as pod mods and AIOs, this is a compromise that won’t weigh you down, literally. This kit fits so nicely in your hand and virtually disappears in your palm. To get the idea, the height of the Target Mini Kit is about three and a half inches.

5. The Guardian Tank Allows for Both MTL and DTL Styles

The Guardian Tank has an adjustable top airflow, which is great for preventing leaks. But what’s really a nice feature is the different airflow slots. If you turn it one way, the airflow is completely open with standard sub-ohm airflow. Turn it the other way, and you’ll see that one side is close and the other has an adjustable MTL airflow.

Still Thinking? Don’t Write This Off

The Vaporesso Target Mini 40W Starter Kit may not be a new release, but there’s a reason it’s still being sold. It’s one of the top-performing mini kits I’ve tried, especially where temperature control mode is concerned. The CCELL coils and the Guardian tank make this a versatile kit, as you can use it for MTL and DTL vaping. And at less than $50, how can you beat that for this sort of starter kit?

Purchase the Vaporesso Target Mini 40W Starter Kit here.

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