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Vaporesso is a brand that offers a multitude of product options, with devices that are suitable for various vaping needs. Are you interested in upgrading to a mod and tank combo that is more advanced? Maybe you’re a little bit intimidated when it comes to trying out advanced options? That’s okay. It doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many mods out there that are user-friendly and allow for a gentle learning curve. The Vaporesso Polar 220W with Cascade Baby SE Starter Kit is one of those sweet combos that does just that. The Polar 220W offers a variety of vaping modes, but Vaporesso made the Polar 220W’s menus and settings easily accessible so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Let’s get into the four reasons why the Vaporesso Polar 220W with Cascade Baby SE Starter Kit is great for vapers who want to level up.

The Vaporesso Polar 220W with Cascade Baby SE Starter Kit is User-Friendly

Yeah, it’s one thing to say a product is user-friendly, but it’s another to actually have that experience when using a new device. As expected, there is a learning curve. However, Vaporesso made the Polar 220W mod with this in mind. Vapers who want to try out advanced vaping modes, never fear. The Vaporesso Polar 220W box mod offers variable wattage modes, TCR modes, Bypass mode, and smart modes such as CCW and CCV mode.

Switching between modes is easy! You can switch the vaping mode with a simple push of a button. On the bottom of the Vaporesso Polar 220W, there are three buttons, two of which allow you to kick your power up or down, and one that is strictly a mode button. Many mods do not have a mode button, requiring you to switch through a couple of menu screens, but the Polar 220W makes it a lot easier on you. There is also a 2-inch display screen, making it easier to read the menu in various lighting—indoors or out.

The OMNI 4.0 Chipset is Ultra-Responsive with Great Safety Features

The OMNI 4.0 chipset is one of the fastest chipsets out there, which means that your mod fires in less than a second. It’s a huge improvement from firing times of the past. The chipset is upgradeable via USB. There are tons of safety features, which should ease your mind — especially once you get into those advanced modes. The OMNI board offers short-circuit protection, burn, no-load, overtime, low resistance, and low power to name a few.

It also has a 2.5 amp onboard charging. While most of us normally charge our mod’s batteries in an external charger, it is nice to have the option. 2.5 amp onboard charging means that your batteries could charge easily in under two hours. However, it is worth noting that if you do choose to charge your batteries onboard, you should let them cool down before using them right away, just like you would with your external battery charger.

The Smart Modes: CCW and CCV Modes

If you’re looking to test out some advanced vaping modes, the Polar 220W mod offers many options. The smart modes are my favorite. CCW (custom curve wattage) allows you to set the wattage on a curve for each second of firing time. CCV (custom curve voltage) does the same, essentially, allowing a custom curve of voltage. So, for instance, you could set CCW to fire at 70W for the first second, then 60W, then 50W, and then 40W. So if you take a hit for around five seconds, you will notice the initial strength of the hit and the power settings as the wattage curves down. These modes are more advanced settings, but the Polar 220W makes them easy to configure and simple to learn.

What Do You Get in the Vaporesso Polar 220W with Cascade Baby Se Starter Kit?

  • One Vaporesso Polar 220W TC Box Mod
  • One Vaporesso CASCADE Baby SE Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One 0.15 ohm GT 8 Coil
    • Pre-Installed
  • One 0.18 ohm GT Mesh Coil
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual and Warranty

Who Should Add the Vaporesso Polar 220W Kit to Their Collection

The Vaporesso Polar 220W with Cascade Baby SE Starter Kit is great for advanced vapers who want a nice mod/tank combo, but mostly the kit is an amazing option for new vapers who want to take their vaping to the next level. The Cascade Baby offers a GT mesh coil option that’s a huge bonus for purchasing the full kit. But if you’re just looking for a mod, the Polar 220W box mod is sold solo as well.

Click this link to purchase The Vaporesso Polar 220W with Cascade Baby SE Starter Kit.

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