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The Vaporesso NRG Tank is one of the best sub-ohm tank options that Vaporesso has yet to release. They recently came out with a special edition version of the NRG, the Vaporesso NRG SE tank. While the updated version is one to consider, the original NRG still has staying power. Want a sub-ohm tank that has nearly all of the popular sub-ohm features? Read on for 3 reasons why the Vaporesso NRG Tank is a top-performer.

1. The Build and Design Features

The Vaporesso NRG tank is full of features that you’re probably looking for in a sub-ohm tank. It’s got a sliding top fill, two large dual airflow slots on the bottom, and a 5ml juice capacity. The construction is solid, built from stainless steel with a pyrex glass tube. You’ve got a few color options: silver, black, red, blue, and rainbow. But there are a couple of features that makes the Vaporesso NRG tank stand out from some other similar tanks. First, the NRG has mesh included in the drip tip. That means that it blocks unwanted spit back of e-liquid from the tank. Second, it’s got a really nice heat insulated layer on the bottom base of the tank to buffer the heat to keep you vaping comfortably.

2. The GT Core Coil Series

Some vapers don’t use pre-built coils very often, but there are those of you who purchase a tank based off of the pre-built coil options that are available for the tank. The Vaporesso NRG tank uses the GT Core coil series. When you purchase the tank, you get a GT2 and a GT4 coil. The GT2 is a 0.4-ohm coil that works anywhere from 40-80W, while the GT4 rates at 0.15-ohms at 30-70W. If those were the only coil options, the NRG might look a bit disappointing. But there are three other coils in the GT Core family: the GT cCell (a 0.3-ohm ceramic coil), the GT6 (0.2-ohms for 40-130W), and the GT8 (a 0.15-ohm coil that vapes anywhere from 50-110W). With all of these coil options, you can vape at high wattages, low wattages, or anywhere in between. It’s also a bonus to have a coil like the GT cCell available, for those of you who like to try various coil materials.

3. It’s a Mid-Wattage Beast, But Also Great For High Wattage Vaping

If you don’t like vaping at extremely high wattages (though you totally can vape up to 130W with the NRG) then the Vaporesso NRG tank offers some great coil options for you. It performs extremely well at mid-range wattages, delivering smooth flavor. Even the clouds from the NRG aren’t disappointing. Depending on what wattage you’re vaping at, the Vaporesso NRG can produce satisfying average clouds or fill the room with dense vapor if you crank up the power. The airflow slots allow for a good control of air, and even when they’re nearly shut, the NRG vapes well. There is even a newer GT Mesh coil available, which means you don’t have to worry if you prefer mesh coils.

To Sum it Up

The Vaporesso NRG tank is a good option if you’re looking for a long-lasting tank with a wide range of features. What makes it an even better choice? It’s rather versatile. The tank works well with both mid-range and high wattages, so that’s a win. Plus, the GT Core Coils have a lot to offer in terms of variety and the tank is less than $30.

Purchase the Vaporesso NRG Tank here.

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