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Take a rip and count one to 10, accompanied, of course, with a Mississippi between each number.

When finished, the air should be clear.

A new e-cig vapor study compared an e-cigarette’s discharge to traditional second-hand smoke. The conclusion? E-smoke, so to speak, dissolves within seconds, while combustible-cigarette smoke hangs around for 30-45 minutes, according to results of a study detailed in a recent article.

“No accumulation of particles was registered in the room following subjects’ vaping,’ said Dr. Grant O’Connell, corporate affairs manager at Fontem Ventures. “This shows us how fundamentally different exhaled e-vapor particles are compared to those released when smoking conventional cigarettes, the latter of which linger in the air for longer periods of time.”

With investments in blu and RE/ON, Fontem Ventures, which has its U.S. operations based in Charlotte, N.C., seeks to play a role in the expansion of the vaping industry.

The study called for tests to be conducted in multiple environments. In each instant, vapor particles broke up about a half hour before traditional cigarettes, according to the study.

The study’s conclusion was released after a joint effort by ETH Zurich, Kaunas (Lithuania) University of Technology, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology and Fontem Ventures. The participants, all of whom were consistent vapers, were scheduled to vape in varying conditions. The researchers then tested for particle concentrations in the air and measured its presence, according to

Even in the researchers’ “worst-case scenario,” which involved a test in areas with no ventilation, results remained consistent. The liquid aerosol droplets from commercial e-cigarettes dissolved in moments and the air levels quickly returned to normal, the study said.

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