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Vaping’s Next Generation, literally, is upon us.

Next Generation Labs stands alone as a patent holder to produce certain forms of synthetic nicotine and has “pioneered the bulk production of synthetic nicotine,” CEO Vincent Schuman said.

By being granted control of its proprietary process, Next Generation is positioned to strengthen its hold in the pharmaceutical and vape markets, Shuman added.

The company, which announced it creates “ultra-high purity synthetic nicotine,” remains open to discovering additional non-tobacco revenue streams, Schuman said.

“With additional USA and international patents pending, Next Generation Labs has applications far beyond the traditional vaping market,” said the CEO. “We strive to reinvigorate the nicotine marketplace with a quality non-tobacco-derived nicotine that can be used by the vape industry and the pharmaceutical industry to provide superior products for discerning adult consumers seeking alternatives to the tobacco-derived nicotine products available on the market today.”

Next Generation possesses the patent rights for manufactured synthetic nicotine in the U.S. and recently was awarded a patent by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Next Generation caters to more than 75 international e-liquid companies, who utilize the company’s TFN Nicotine offering. Among the clients utilizing Next Generation to enhance their TFN e-liquid lines include: Amaranth, CRFT, Cypher, Digable, Enfuse, Klir, Mag7, NKTR, Origins, Peel, Rayben, Scala, and Space Jam The Byrd, according to the company.

With its website citing the company has additional patents pending, the question becomes how big will Next Generation become? Surely it will not become a monopoly. A second generation of parallel competitors will unquestionably emerge in the developing non-tobacco market over the next one to three years.

Will it ever top the Next Generation?

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