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The vaping industry now has a sensible marketing path to follow.

New Vapor Technology Association guidelines are focused on clarifying and creating ways to spread the vaping message to the masses.

It’s intended to create a compliance platform, according to its recent webinar, “A National Conversation on Marketing Standards: Industry Wake Up Call.”

VTA calls upon the marketing community to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates to avoid future federal ramifications.

Here are some of the highlights of Vaping Technology Association guidelines for marketing:


All marketing material should be angled to adults and needs to make sure cartoon images and product names and promotional devices should not appeal to minors.

Mature audiences

For television, print, and radio advertising, a barometer should be established where all marketing should be eliminated if the message reaches an under-age audience of 15 percent.

Healthy promos

Promotion of vapor products as a device to help quit smoking should be strictly prohibited, along with any claims of possessing therapeutic assets. Marketing to individuals who do not smoke will be discouraged.

Menu included

For all products, including e-liquids, VTA members should display an accurate listing of ingredients on the packaging. Also, false claims such as vapor products do not possess ash, smoke, and tar will be closely monitored.

Talking heads

Health professionals should not be utilized as a spokesperson and any individuals captured in a promotion should look at least 25 years old.

Along with a series of additional Vaping Technology Association guidelines, such as all advertising billboards needs to be at least 500 feet from all primary and secondary schools, the VTA continues to open a dialog for responsible vaping marketing tactics.

Following these sensible guidelines could be a huge first step toward legitimizing the vaping industry in the eyes of the mainstream.