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Vaping has become more and more common over the course of the last few years. A poll taken back in 2015 revealed that about 10 percent of Americans were vaping, and that number has only grown since then.

But the number of people vaping nationwide could plateau in the coming years due to vaping regulations that are being put into place.

As recently as just a few years ago, most states didn’t have many regulations concerning vaping on the books. It was still so new that the laws hadn’t caught up to vaping just yet.

However, that has changed — and many states are now cracking down on vapers and forcing them to keep their e-cigarettes out of certain establishments.

Here are a few places where vaping has been banned.


Once upon a time, people were allowed to smoke inside of bars. As a result, it was almost impossible to find a bar that didn’t have smoke lingering in the air.

Eventually, states started banning smoking inside of bars. Vapers thought they had found a way around that. They believed they would be able to vape freely within bars without facing any penalty.

Vaping in bars was allowed for a while. But eventually, states like New York started to crack down on vaping in public places (including restaurants). And the latest vaping regulations make it illegal for people to vape in many bars across the country.

There are some places that still permit vaping in taverns. That being said, you should check your local regulations before you try it. Better safe than sorry.


Like bars, restaurants also allowed people to smoke cigarettes as recently as just a couple decades ago. People didn’t think twice before lighting up and smoking right at their tables.

But eventually, smoking was banned from restaurants, too. The dangers associated with secondhand smoking played a big part in smoking being eliminated from restaurants.

When vaping first started to become popular, people thought they would be able to get away with using e-cigarettes inside of restaurants. They were successful for a few years. But it didn’t last long.

New York state and other states have also banned vaping in restaurants as part of their vaping regulations. So even many restaurants with outdoor seating areas are no longer allowing their patrons to vape when they’re grabbing a bite to eat.


While smoking in the workplace used to be fairly common, most people would never even dream about lighting up a cigarette at work in 2018. Unless you work outdoors, the idea of smoking on the job is laughable.

The same goes for vaping. Initially, vapers didn’t hesitate to use their e-cigarettes while they were at work. They were able to hide it in many cases, too, since most e-cigarettes don’t produce much vapor.

States started to catch on to this, though, and before long, they banned it from most workplaces. States like Florida have put vaping regulations on the books preventing people from vaping at work.

There are some workplaces around the country that will still allow employees to vape. But those places are few and far between, and in many states, it would be against the law for workplaces to allow it.

There’s a good chance you also might not be able to vape right outside of your workplace, either. Many states now require smokers and vapers to maintain a safe distance between themselves and the entrances to their workplaces when smoking or vaping.

College Campuses

This one may come as a bit of a surprise. College is a place where many people go to find themselves, and that often includes trying out new things for the first time.

But many won’t be trying vaping because of bans that have been put in place on some college campuses.

There are plenty of college campuses that still allow students to vape freely, as long as they do it outdoors. But a few states have started to crack down on vaping on college campuses.

Iowa is one state that has completely banned vaping on all public and private campuses. You’re not allowed to vape at any college in Iowa without facing penalties.

Most other states aren’t that harsh. But states like Georgia and Illinois have also made it illegal to vape on certain campuses. You might want to consider whether or not your dream school allows vaping before enrolling at it.


Are you thinking about pulling out your e-cigarette and using it on a train? You better think twice and check the vaping regulations in your area.

Some states, like Maryland, have made it illegal to vape while riding a train. You will likely face a fine or some other penalty if you are caught vaping on the Maryland Rail Commuter trains.

Entire Countries

Many Americans who enjoy vaping have complained about all of the vaping regulations that have been established in recent years.

But consider this: In some countries, vaping is 100 percent illegal and not allowed anywhere, much less in public places.

You might be surprised to hear that countries like Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Argentina, and others have banned people from vaping.

Some do it because of the supposed health risks associated with vaping. Others do it because they’re trying to cut down on the number of companies manufacturing vape-related products.

But whatever the case, it will actually make you feel better about the vaping regulations in the U.S.

While it’s not ideal to be restricted as far as where you can and cannot vape, at least you’re allowed to do it in the first place.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Vaping Regulations

Despite the increase in vaping regulations around the country, there are still plenty of people interested in learning about vaping and its potential benefits.

If you’re one of those people, you should read up on vaping as much as you can before deciding if it’s right for you.

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