vaping personality type
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Vapers are a really diverse group, thank heavens. I was reflecting on this and came up with five basic groups that most of us fit into — sort of like personality traits. What is your vaping personality?

The Freebie Fanatic

You’ll find this vaper at every vape show, store opening, and event as he/she tries collect as many free juice bottles, bags, hats, t-shirts, stickers, swag, more juice bottles, and pretty much anything that is not screwed or nailed down. These folks are usually recognized by the rolling suitcase firmly in their grip and the repeated cawing of “hey, is that free?”

The Cloud Chaser

If your box mod has more power than the battery in your car, and more adjustments than a chiropractor, you might be a Cloud Chaser. The Cloud Chaser’s claim to fame is that they can fill a room with vapor faster than a fog machine. If it looks like rain is about to fall indoors, or you’ve just wandered onto the soundstage of a horror movie set on the foggy moors of some European country, there’s probably a Cloud Chaser nearby.

The Coil Freak

The Coil Freak’s claim to fame is that they can build the perfect clapton to a precise, pre-determined resistance in under five minutes. This vaping personality type easily identified by the extraordinary toolkit carried in their own custom-designed case, which contains approximately 100 different tiny screwdrivers — some of which one can barely be seen by the naked eye. They frequently have a resistance meter to show how accurate that sub-ohm resistance is.

The Health Nut

This is the guy or gal who is ready to sidle up to anyone who looks like they might be interested and launch into a never-ending dissertation of the latest and most authoritative research or study on the benefits of vaping over smoking. They are able to quote the cancer death rate statistics in every state and 15 other countries and will share that knowledge with you as you try to get away.

The Flavor Favorer

Easily recognized by the six to eight very different devices they carry. The Flavor Favorers are on the eternal search for the Holy Grail of flavor: that perfect flavor profile. They finally find the “perfect” flavor, but a day later they still aren’t satisfied! Somewhere in their house is a room full of just opened bottles of juice. They’ll tell you all about how to best steep your liquid for maximum flavor, outlining the process with a level of detail that makes the the blueprints for building a skyscraper look like those simple pictogram instructions that come with your Ikea furniture in comparison.

Everyone knows someone who fits into one of these vaping personality types and regardless of which, we all share one thing in common A PASSION FOR VAPING!.