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One of the largest new studies on using vaping to quit smoking surveyed 18,799 adult smokers in the U.S. who attempted to give up cigarettes by using a JUUL e-cigarette. The study, conducted by the Centre for Substance Use Research in Glasgow, UK, found that of the 11,689 participants who were daily or non-daily smokers when they first began using the JUUL, a whopping 64.3% had quit smoking.

The study also reported that “about half (49.5%) of participants who were daily or non-daily smokers when they first used a JUUL have now stopped smoking completely and reported that they ‘quit smoking cigarettes by switching to using a JUUL’.”

Of the former smokers who quit while using the JUUL, the researchers found that nearly 27% said they stopping smoking completely within their first seven days of using the JUUL e-cigarette. And at least 45% of the former smokers who quit during the study reported stopping smoking completely within their first 30 days of vaping with the JUUL.

In a companion short-term study, also from the Centre for Substance Use Research, researchers discovered that more than 36.5% of smokers were able to quit within 90 days, due to vaporizer use. Perhaps more significantly, was that the number of participants who smoked every day dropped dramatically from 88.7% down to just 17.5%.

That’s huge news if you’re trying to reduce the amount you smoke, or quit smoking entirely. (Especially if you have a medicine cabinet full of quit smoking products.)

Findings published last year in Nicotine & Tobacco Research concluded, “the substitution of e-cigarettes for tobacco smoking has the potential to prevent to almost all the harm caused by smoking.” The researchers also reported that “former smokers who have successfully used e-cigarettes to quit smoking may be especially well qualified to increase smokers’ interest in switching and ability to switch to e-cigarettes.”

Here’s the secret sauce: If you want to quit smoking for good, get a vaping buddy who has already done it successfully.

Researchers identified four key strategies recommended by smokers who quit by substituting vaping:

  • Find a combination of vaping device, e-juice flavor, and nicotine strength that “works for you”
  • It’s okay to continue to smoke for a while after starting to vape
  • Having a failed attempt (or several) with other smoking cessation aids (i.e., patch, nicotine gum, prescriptions, and other quit smoking products) before having success with e-cigarettes is common
  • Former smokers’ increased awareness of both their improved health and hygiene since switching to vaping

The Royal College of Physicians, the oldest medical college in England, concurs: “The health and life expectancy of today’s smokers could be radically improved by encouraging as many as possible to switch to a smoke free form of nicotine.”

Whether you’re making your first attempt at quitting smoking or your 21st, even if you’ve tried all the other quit smoking products out there, researchers are finding that the odds for success are finally on your side.

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