Vaping credited with helping 1.6M English smokers quit
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England is giving vaping most of the credit.

In a recent study covering 2011-17, results indicate vaping helps smokers quit. How many smokers? A reported 1.6 million people.

During the six-year span, the number of adult smokers in England has dwindled from 7.7 million, about 20 percent, to 6.1 million, about 15 percent, according to

A five percent change in a such a short timespan is significant for any social activity, let alone something so entrenched as smoking.

The vaping industry should take a bow.

From 2014-2017, the number of adult vapers in England rose roughly 1.8 percent. About 3.7 percent admitted to vaping in 2014, while about 2.8 million, which is about 5.5 percent, claimed to have smoked an e-cigarette last year.

“As e-cigs have become popular, smoking rates have fallen,” E-cigarette Direct associate James Dunworth was quoted as saying. “The trend is only going one way.”

The vaping industry should take another bow.

Another study in England indicated smoking is more commonplace in areas with lower economic opportunities, reported.

English communities such as Blackpool, Hartlepool, Hull, Manchester, and Sunderland each have histories of totaling more than 3,000 smoking-related emergencies per 100,000 local individuals. That percentage is just too high.

Health officials have long worked to lower the high percentage of hospital admissions because of smoking. A recent study suggested smokers are 30 percent more likely to develop multiple sclerosis.

Public Health England representative Duncan Selbie warned the country is still fighting against tobacco and by “making more progress in helping people from deprived areas” additional lives could be saved. But, you have to admit, these numbers are still very impressive — and a good start toward eliminating smoking once and for all.

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