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The Anti-Tobacco Truth Initiative (ATTI) knew exactly what it was doing to the vaping industry.

It knew by failing to disclose key data from its recent study, the ATTI would suppress the primary role e-cigarettes played in the smoldering smoking rates among U.S. minors.

Brad Rodu, a noted harm reduction researcher, transversed the smoke screen and recognized the marketing inequality: vaping had a positive impact on the research.

Not that ATTI would ever Tweet about it.

Mining information from the 2017 National Health Interview Study (NHIS), the ATTI recently Tweeted about the 21 percent decline in smoking for a previous prime target market, 18-24-year-olds.

A University of Louisville Professor of Medicine, Rodu expressed his views in his blog, Tobacco Truth.

“The Initiative didn’t tell the whole tobacco ‘truth,’ ” Rodu wrote.

Analyzing the identical data from NHIS, Rodu affirmed the findings but concluded it misled readers on the assets of e-cigs.

“Nearly 85 percent of young adults have never smoked, including 2.7 percent who currently vape, 13 percent who tried e-cigarettes and 69 percent who never used either product,” Rodu said.

An endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research, Rodu pointed to the one statistic the ATTI ignored: among the five percent of former smokers, more than half were current or former vapers. That, Rodu said, indicates the importance vaping is playing with helping smokers snuff out high levels of nicotine.

“Even more impressive,” he added. “Seven out of 10 current smokers were either current vapers or had tried e-cigarettes, meaning they could eventually make the switch to smoke-free.”

To further enhance Rodu’s claim, examine world trends. A study in Greece, which was recently published in BMC: Harm Reduction Journal, suggested a high percentage of vapers are ex-smokers of combustible cigarettes. Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos, a renowned anti-smoking researcher in Greece, commanded the research. Among its findings, 62.2 percent of e-cig users once smoked traditional cigarettes.

In a future Tweet, don’t expect ATTI to publicize that vaping asset, either.