The 4 Types of Vapers Who Will Love the Joyetech ProCore Air Plus Sub-Ohm Tank
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Here at Soupwire, we believe that certain products are for certain types of vapers. It’s true, some technology is more suited to cloud chasers, flavor chasers, or MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DL (direct-lung) vapers. However, we also agree that some mods, tanks, and starter kits are so versatile that they are almost a one-size-fits-all product. Joyetech tends to sell vape technology that covers a lot of ground. Their tanks are no exception here. Get ready! Here are the 4 types of vapers who will love the Joyetech ProCore Air Plus Sub-Ohm tank.

1. Flavor Chasers

The Joyetech ProCore Air Plus is a great option for those of you who are sticklers for your vape’s flavor. There are other tanks that aren’t so great at keeping the integrity of the e-liquid, even if you’re using a great coil. Sometimes, it’s just something to do with your tank’s airflow settings or the wattage you’re vaping at. Whatever it is, there are, indeed, some sub-ohm tanks that make it really hard to find the sweet spot. The Joyetech ProCore Air Plus, however, is not one of those disappointments. Manufactured with quality materials, a nice sturdy build, and a huge adjustable airflow, the ProCore Air Plus does not let down on flavor quality, even when the airflow is completely open. If you want an even more intense flavor experience, adjust your airflow to about halfway. Try using the ProC1-S or the ProC4 coils from the Joyetech ProC coil series for the purest flavor quality.

2. Cloud Chasers

Yes, the ProCore Air Plus is a great tank for flavor chasers, but it also produces some luscious clouds. Because of the large airflow, the Joyetech Procore Air Plus Sub-Ohm tank is a cloud beast. If you’re looking for stealth vaping, good luck. The ProCore Air is a master at producing amazing clouds with every hit. The ProC series of coils gives you several options, but the ProC3 and the ProCD coils are listed as the top cloud-producing coils of the set.

3. Vapers Who Love Customization Options

Joyetech’s products are generally beautiful to look at. The ProCore Air Plus is a great example of Joyetech’s customization options. Let’s be honest, there are some vapers who could care less about appearances of their mods or tanks, and there are some who strive to find the sickest looking vape tech out there. The ProCore Air Plus is available in seven base colors: red, green, black, blue, gold, dazzling (rainbow), and a black base with a white paint splatter. The tank comes with a matching glass (or clear for the rainbow color) and a matching snakeskin/honeycomb mouthpiece. You can purchase ten other tube designs and several drip tip options to create various color combinations.

4. Vapers on a Budget

One of the nicest things about the Joyetech ProCore Air Plus Sub-Ohm tank is the price. It runs for about $25. Yes, there are many tank options out there in this price range—but that doesn’t mean that they are all worth it. But you best bet that for the price, the ProCore Air Plus is going to surprise you. It vapes like a more expensive tank and uses the Joyetech ProC coil series. The coils alone are a great reason to have this tank in your arsenal. If you’ve never tried the ProC coil series, you may not understand just how nice they are on flavor, especially when combined with the huge airflow of the ProCore Air Plus.

Are you looking for a similar tank, but would like to purchase a full vape starter kit? Joyetech offers a wide selection of starter kits, including the Joyetech ESPION Infinite Kit. Intrigued? Read our review of the Joyetech ESPION Infinite Kit.

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