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When it comes to curbing the rapid rise in U.S. teenage vaping, a group of Nevada high school students is not kidding around.  

Five teens from Ed W Clark High School in Las Vagas developed a device described by lasvegassun.com “as the Weight Watchers of vaping because it enables users to set a daily nicotine limit and then blocks users from continuing to vape once they hit their limit. Over time, the device reduces the daily cap.”     

Pretty clever.  

Clark High students Deven Reddy, Jaiden Reddy, Rishabh Saran, Shivam Saran and Tanush Saran invented the award-winning VapeMatewhich tracks and over time reduces the nicotine levels released from e-cigarettes. The VapeMate helped the two sets of brothers to earn recognition in April as Pete Conrad Scholars during the 2018-19 Conrad Challenge.    

The international summit in Orlando, Fla., featured more than 400 entrees. The Pete Conrad Scholarship remains the most important award presented at the gathers. The Clark High students were one of eight squads chosen for the honor, according to lasvegassun.com.    

The VapeMate is designed to connect to a mobile app, which analyzes how much nicotine individuals have consumed. 

“Then it also substantiates the impacts that come with this, so how much it affects your lungs and the amount of carcinogens you take in,” Rishabh Saran, who will enter his senior year next fall. “And it also recommends a plan, so users can get off the vaping addiction they have.”  

“That way, over a period of time, you gradually get off your nicotine addiction,” added Shivam Saran, who was in line to graduate this spring.  

The idea came to the Clark High peers after witnessing the rapid spread of vaping among their classmates. Nationally, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 38 percent of high school students vaped during 2017-18.   

“Vaping is attacking the younger population. It’s affecting middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students, which eventually is going to keep spreading,” said Tanush Saran, who will be a sophomore next school year. “While it’s huge [now], I feel like it’s pretty small compared to what it’s going to be.”  

Along with gaining scholastic notoriety, lasvegassun.com reported the Clark High five wrote a 20-page business plan and could produce a line for retail stores.   

These teens are not kidding around. 

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