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Hints of roasted nuts with a slightly bitter finish. It’s a beer in e-juice form! If you’ve been looking for something really different, you’ll want to check out this Beer vape juice from My Freedom Smokes!

My Freedom Smokes Beer First Impressions:

Really nice, simple branding on the MFS premium line of liquids. Not a huge fan of the plastic needle nose style bottles, but can’t really gripe too much on that one. Who would’ve thought there’d be a need for a beer flavored vape juice? Surely, they’re not in high demand? I was interested to see how MFS was going to approach this beverage. There are so many different beer varieties and flavors — craft beer, light brew, heavy lager, bitter; I was ready for literally anything going into this review.

Flavor Profile:

This vape juice is a premium blend of flavorings that results in an e-liquid with a great beer flavor. Turns any occasion into a party.


Faint bitter aromas in the foreground, with a super delicate beer foam smell upfront. This liquid was really hard to pick up on; I actually had to dab a bit of the juice on my finger, before deciphering with the nose.

My Setup:

Dual aliens from Chris’s Coils on the deck of the 25mm Wotofo Warrior. Pulsed on the Silver Steam Vapor Titan V2. Airflow shutdown 50% right from the get go; if I was going to vape a beer flavor, I wanted to experience the full effect.


Front – I’m going to attempt to describe MFS’s Beer vape juice as best I can. The flavor definitely has a dry mouthfeel. There’s a nice smooth alcohol note followed, by a slightly bitter taste that’s quite hard to describe. It could be compared to the head/foam of a nice wheat brew.

Middle – Some nutty notes working together at this point; possible almonds and a few peanuts. This beer vape juice is on the sweeter side of the spectrum, which actually makes for a pretty enjoyable taste. Dry mouthfeel remains, and the sugar content stays extremely low.

End – The nutty notes working on the mid-palate become more intense toward the end of this vape, and remind me of a roasted peanut butter. The bitterness has completely diminished at this point, and is replaced by more of the basic beer foam flavor from the beginning. The mouthfeel reminds me of a slightly sweet, dry, wheat beer.

Aftertaste – Very clean, all things considered. No issues with the bitter flavor or dry mouthfeel. I vaped on this one for a good 45 minutes, and never felt the need to clear my palate with a sip of water.


There’s no getting over the odd feeling associated with vaping a beer liquid. It does play tricks with your mind a bit, especially if you’re a beer drinker. I found myself saying, more than once actually, “this is just so weird”.

Cloud Production:

This 80/20 blend, in combination with a dual Alien build produced some seriously dense vapor.

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 60, 125ml

Available Nic – 0 – 48mg

VG/PG ratio – 80/20

Price – $7.49 (per 30ml)

Bottle type – needle nose tipped 30ml

Purchase MFS Beer liquid here

Final Thoughts:

This was a really good vape flavor, all things considered. It honestly could’ve ended up a lot worse. I had prepared myself for a bit of a gag before starting this review; but needless to say, I never once felt the need to cough or worse.

Could I vape a beer flavored liquid all day? probably not. Would I recommend this one to a friend? Yes, a very close one!