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Freshly squeezed lime mixed with cream and a hint of zest for tartness, poured in to a homemade buttered graham cracker crust. If you’re a big fan of really clean dessert flavors, Key Lime Pie from the Mama’s line of liquids will not let you down!

First Impressions:

Mama’s Eliquid did a great job with the branding on all of their juices. The simple blue circular style Mama’s graphic really helps the beige colored text stand out. And their slogan – Mama knows best – add’s to the authenticity of the brand overall. The e-juice titles and description leave little to no guess work to be done, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into without having to google each flavor prior to vaping.

Flavor Profile:

A cool and tangy favorite. Key limes, whipped cream, and Mama’s love.


Unlike some dessert flavors that seem to have one or two of the flavor components hidden on the aroma (no, they’re not actually hiding it, but you get what I mean), this one has everything upfront and noticeable. Everything from the freshly squeezed lime juice, to a touch of lime zest for tartness, to the notes of butter graham cracker crust in the foreground.

My Setup:

My homemade single core 3mm claptons on the deck of the Goon V1.5. I pulled out the Wismec Noisy cricket VII-25 for this review, a mod that continues to impress me with it’s ease of use and versatility. The airflow was shutdown half way on the Goon; I would’ve shut it down a bit more, but that’s as far as I could go on the V1.5 😉


Front – It’s all about the lime here. Everything from the citrus juice, to slightly tart aspects of what I would assume would be lime zest. The crust has not entered the picture yet, but I can almost taste some subtle notes of liquid butter. Sugar level is unbelievably low, almost as if Mama’s forgot to add the full amount!

Middle – Here, the crust gets its legs. The liquid butter is still there, but it’s been absorbed by a full bodied Graham Cracker shell. The tartness level on the lime is substantially reduced, leaving a slightly sweet key lime juice and cream. The combination of these two perfectly balanced flavors work very well together.

End – This liquid finishes with a full on homemade key lime pie taste. The crisp aromas tie in perfectly with the slightly sweet key lime juice flavor, and buttery graham cracker crust. There’s not much I’d change about the finish on Key Lime Pie!

Aftertaste – Really really clean. I’m not sure how Mama’s managed to pull it off (although I’ve heard they had the help of an actual chef to create their flavors) but they managed to keep the liquid sweetener to an absolute minimum, all while keeping that authentic rich dessert flavor.

Cloud Production:

70/30 blends for the Mama’s line; you’ll still be able to produce some big clouds with the right setup, but they’re not going to be as thick and dense as a Max VG.

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $24.99

Bottle type – gorilla style

Final Thoughts:

Key Lime Pie from Mama’s had everything I would expect. It was nothing but full on creamy, slightly tart, dessert flavor. There’s not a single thing I would change about this one!

Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. That’s an easy answer.

ADV? Normally I would say no to any dessert flavor as an ADV. But the sugar content is so low in this juice, that it really allowed me to enjoy it for long periods of time.

Purchase Key Lime Pie here

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