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An absolute flavor explosion. Freshly picked strawberries, green apple, golden apricot and sliced pineapple. If you’re a fruit fanatic, you’ll definitely want to give Glas Basix Caribbean Punch a go!

Glas Basix Caribbean Punch First Impressions:

I absolutely love the branding on the Basix line-up. Glas managed to keep everything clean and professional, while still making the packaging and bottles look presentable; this proves that cartoon character graphics, catchy titling, and absurd vape juice names are not necessary to increase the value of a vape product. The gorilla bottles are a nice touch to the Basix line as well.

Flavor Profile:

Intoxicating vibe of the islands, the perfect blend of succulent peach, mouth-watering pineapple, sweet strawberry, refreshing apples, and a hint of apricot. Truly tropical bliss!


The nose on this one has a bunch going on! It smells like a fruit bomb went off. I picked up on notes of strawberry and apples, with hints of pineapple and apricot thrown in the mix as well. I can already tell that this is going to be one fruity vape!

My Setup:

Dual 2.5mm claptons on the deck of the Twisted Messes Squared RDA. Pulsed on the Silver Steam Vapor Titan V2 dual 18650 box. The smaller diameter coils in combination with a great dual parallel box was like a match made in heaven; the coils heated up instantly. I was taking 1-2 second pulls, and that was almost too much!


Front – The burst of fruity aromas carries over directly to the flavor. The strawberry and apples are most noticeable. There’s a nice chewy mouthfeel present as well. At this point, it’s hard to separate individual tropical flavors from one another, but there’s definitely a sour note thrown in the mix that seems to be brought about by the pineapple.

Middle – All flavors are working at full strength now. After turning the airflow on the Twisted Messes down, I was able to place a finger on each individual fruit: freshly picked strawberry that’s neither to sweet or tart, green apple, golden apricot, and sliced pineapple. The chewy texture and mouth-watering sensation remains present as well; this would be a great all day flavor.

End – The tropical fruit melody continues up until the very end. I honestly expected everything to die down a bit (I’m not sure why?), but that was definitely not the case.

Aftertaste – Really really clean. No lingering at all, the Glas Vapor Basix series is perfect for someone looking for a really tasty flavor without the added sugar. More often than not, complex fruit vapes are ruined by an overwhelming amount of syrup, which translates to more cotton changes and lingering flavors on the palate.

Cloud Production:

The Glas Basix line is all 70/30, so you’re probably not going to enter a cloud competition with it any time soon. The smaller diameter dual claptons did make up for some decent vapor production all said and done though.

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $14.99

Bottle type – gorilla style

Final Thoughts:

Like I mentioned in the beginning, Glas Basix Caribbean Punch is like a fruit flavor bomb of sorts. There’s a ton going on, yet everything is very balanced. No one flavors stands out over the others, which makes this flavor really approachable. It would receive a 10/10 if I actually gave liquids a rating. Would recommend this one to a friend and venture out to purchase another bottle.


Purchase Glas Basix Caribbean Punch here

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