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Bomb Sauce Premium E-Liquid manufactures juices that they hope vapers “will never tire from.” For those of you who are always seeking new flavors, that is a tough order. However, every vaper is sure to have at least one go-to brand of e-liquids that they come back to from time to time. For myself, Bomb Sauce E-Liquid is one of those brands—namely their Alien Piss liquids. There are five different flavors of Alien Piss liquids, all with the primary base being a lemonade flavor. Yes, lemonade juices aren’t for everyone, but if you find yourself on a lemonade e-liquid kick, the first place you should be grabbing is some Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce E-Liquid.


You can find any of the Alien Piss E-Liquids in a glass dripper bottle or a plastic unicorn bottle, depending on where you purchase them from. The plastic bottles and packaging have a little less aesthetic value, but more of a clean look, with a large AP at the forefront, the flavor directly below, and an alien in the background that’s slightly difficult to see. If you manage to grab one of the glass dripper bottles, the packaging speaks more to the spirit of the liquid, with the name and flavor clearly displayed, as well as various alien graphics.

The Original Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce E-Liquid

The first Alien Piss E-Liquid is a blue raspberry lemonade flavor. The flavor is sweet, tart, and well balanced. And because of the 70/30 VG/PG blend, you’ll see some nice thick clouds from this vape juice. The throat hit with Alien Piss isn’t too much, either; it vapes smooth, especially on the exhale when you get a bit more of the berry notes.

Alien Piss 2-5

Bomb Sauce did so well with the original Alien Piss flavor that they developed four other lemonade blends for the Alien Piss legacy. Alien Piss 2 brings us a strawberry lemonade. Again, the balance between tartness and sweetness is outstanding in this entire line. The other flavors are as follows: Alien Piss 3 is watermelon lemonade, Alien Piss 4 is Peach Lemonade, and finally, Alien Piss 5 is grape lemonade. With all of these flavor choices, it should be pretty easy to find your favorite fruit-lemonade blend in this line.

Vaping Alien Piss E-Liquids by Bomb Sauce E-Liquid

I’ve had the opportunity to test all of the Alien Piss liquids. In quality, these are all about equal. Choosing a favorite will probably come down to which fruit flavor that you prefer. I’m a sucker for the original Alien Piss e-liquid and Alien Piss 4, because I can’t say no to blue raspberry or peach on any given day.

I have tried these juices on just about every set up I have ever owned. More recently, though, I gave them another shot with my GeekVape Blade mod and my SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 tank at around 80W. Vaping Alien Piss liquids, the first draw is a nice blend of the fruit and lemonade, with the lemonade notes getting more intense, until you exhale and get that sweet aftertaste of fruit. These liquids can handle just about any vaping situation, whether you’re using a custom built coil, a pre-built coil, medium wattage settings, higher wattage settings—the flavor shines. Drop off in quality doesn’t happen with these liquids unless you’re using a bum coil.

Product Specs of Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce E-Liquid

VG/PG Ratio: 70/20

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 60 and 120ml sizes in a glass dripper bottle or a plastic unicorn bottle

Price is $19.99 for 60ml, $29.99 for 120ml

Want a Sweet, Tangy All-Day-Vape?

Are you a fan of lemonade juices? Maybe you’ve never tried them? Whatever the case, if you’re looking for an all-day-vape that combines the sweetness of fruit and with tart lemonade, Alien Piss E-Liquids by Bomb Sauce E-Liquid is the first place you should try. You’ll get a phenomenal flavor and thick clouds in a premium e-liquid that is extremely hard to stop vaping.

Purchase Alien Piss E-Liquids from in 60ml bottles. Looking for a larger size? You can find 120ml bottles of Alien Piss from

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