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The vape industry saw a ton of really interesting advances last year. From devices with AI and smartphone-like features, to high quality full-color TFT displays and touchscreens. As it stands now, 2019 should be a very interesting year for the vape community.

Perhaps the most interesting portable vape, named the Orion, was released by Lost Vape. It featured the DNA Go chipset from Evolv, and allowed users to customize the unit with the popular Escribe software from their computer. The panels of the compact vape are made from real carbon fiber, and its internal 950mah battery is capable of reaching a full charge in about 45mins. Even more impressive was the quality of the Orion pod coils, which were able to last 14 days under moderate usage. This nic salt device is now a favorite among members of the vape community.

On the bigger side of the mod spectrum, we saw devices controlled via voice like the iJoy Avenger 270. A voice recognition prompt was initiated by saying “Hello iJoy” much like Amazon Alexa devices, and users could adjust power|wattage|lighting|colors and unlock/lock or shutdown the vape without touching a button. Although the first release of this AI inspired software was far from flawless, it gave us a good idea as what to expect in the years to come.

Vapes like the MFENG 200w by SnowWolf and Pioneer4You IPV Trantor featured huge color displays. And other devices like the Sigelei Top 1 incorporated a circular screens. Temperature control and TCR functionality had been fully standardized, allowing vapers shopping the marketplace to focus on design and other features important to them.

What to expect from 2019 Vape Hardware?

Obviously, it’s still too early to know exactly — but based on the emerging tech of last year, we can make a handful of educated guesses.

For starters it would be safe to say that colored screens will become fairly standard. And as the industry borrows more tech from the smartphone sector, we could soon see touchscreen menu systems on most devices (with the exception of cig-a-like, and all-in-ones) as well.

AI still has a ways to go before it is perfected, so fully intelligent devices of any kind may be a few months to a few years away. Normally, the smart device industry gets first dibs on emerging tech, so paying attention to trends in this sector can help provide some insight as what to expect in terms of advancements made in the vape community. With any luck, units like the iJoy Avenger will have a close to flawless AI OS (or intelligent operating system), and other manufacturers will begin taking the necessary steps to incorporate AI features to.

Charging and power could see some big changes as well. Wireless charging capability is now fairly standard in all (almost..) new smartphones, so integrating this feature into a vape – and perfecting it – should be fairly straightforward.

Hours spent watching 18650 cells in a 4-bay charger should become a thing of the past as well. One obvious flaw of Li-Ion powered vapes is their slow charging times (even when using a wall outlet); but with fast charging, Li-Ion cells will go be able to go from 0% to 100% in a fraction of the time.

The next few months should be interesting for the vape Industry. I, for one, cannot wait to see what manufacturers bring to the marketplace. So get excited, things could start to get really interesting!

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