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These days, there are a ton of vape accessories and tools available on the market. Some will help make your vaping experience a more enjoyable one, others will increase efficiency, and others are merely meant to increase the visual appeal of your device on Instagram. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the more popular accessories, and let you know which ones you’d be better off without.


Before we get started, let me say this: I purposely choose to leave a few accessories out of this guide. There are simply to many to cover in one article, but if you’d really like to see one accessory covered, don’t hesitate to reach out on social media!

Wire Cutters


A good set of wire cutters is an absolute must for any vaper. While they’re more of a tool than an accessory, I decided to place them in the accessories category, because I always find myself using them multiple times during the day. I prefer angled cutters for ease of use, but you can get away with just about any pair as long as they’re sharp.

You’ll use these for cutting the coil leads on the deck of your RDA or RDTA, or cutting a piece of wire strand to length when building. You can even use them you cut your cotton once wicked properly through you coil/s.

It is important to clean your wire cutters just as you would any other piece of vape gear. This will eliminate metal shavings or other unwanted particulates on the cutting surface, coming into contact with your build.



Having a good pair of shears or scissors handy is a vital part of vaping. And while it is true that non-builders will be able to get away with not having a set, builders of varying skill (novice – expert) will use them frequently throughout the day.

I’ve found over the years, that the sizes and shape of the scissors doesn’t really matter as long as they’re sharp. A pair of dull cotton cutters will have vapers pulling their hair out in a matter of days.

Builders will use these babies to cut strands of cotton for wicking, use them again to cut cotton to length, and even use them to trim the edges of wicking material when building on an RDA/RDTA.

Ceramic Tweezers


Technically falling into the “vape tool” category, these things are an absolute must. Just speak to any vaper who used non-ceramic tweezers before purchasing a pair of with ceramic tips.

Ceramic tweezers are used when building on any topper, to adjust (and re-adjust), strum, and pinch/pulse coils until they have reached a perfect glowing state (from the inside out), and are centrally located on the deck.

Ceramic pincers come in all shapes and sizes, from miniaturelarge, curvedstraight, and white coatedblack coated. While the size is arguable, I’ve found that a pair of black coated tweezers is definitely the way to go; white pincers will get dirty after a few uses, and no one wants to see that crap every time they start building. Curved vs. straight is merely a means of personal preference, and you may have to use both before finding which style works best for you.

Kuro Concepts Wire Koiler


I can hear the builders now, you don’t need that crap. And for any builder above the skill level of beginner, I’d have to agree. But for anyone just starting out, or looking to perfect the coils for each and every build, the Kuro Koiler is a great tool to have.

The set of three coiling jigs comes in three different sizes (for making three different Inner Diameter Coils…): 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. The set costs just $5.32, perfect for anyone on a budget. And the best part is, they’re extremely easy to use!!!

Even if you’ve been building for some time, and have reached the novice level, a tool like the kuro koiler may be beneficial to anyone with shaky hands, arthritis, or even users who wear glasses and have a hard time seeing the smaller gauge wires.

Consistency is another reason to keep this tool in your arsenal; when used correctly, the coils wrapped on the koiler will come out perfect every time!

Hard Plastic Battery Case


When I first saw someone carrying batteries in their pocket (years ago), I was shocked. The plastic battery case is an absolute must for any vaper. It’s simply a matter of safety; both for yourself and those around you.

These cases will protect your cells from coming in contact with other objects (metal or not), and from drops on a variety of different surfaces.

They retail for pennies on the dollar (not literally, but you get what I mean), and could potentially save your ass. Vapor DNA has them on sale right now for $2.00 a pop (2-cell), so pick some up today if you don’t have one already.

Silicone Battery Case


Similar to the hard plastic battery cases, but composed of a different material, silicone cases are aimed for any vaper looking to keep their cells safe while on the go.

You can find single battery cases, or multi-battery case like the 3-cell shown above. No matter which route you select, just remember that silicone battery protectors will be less likely to protect your batteries if a fall should occur.

Vape Bands


Both of these items fall into the worthless category. Some will argue that they’re meant to protect your tank from a fall, or give you grip while picking up your device. The vape cap is actually meant to keep dust out of your tank, and could be of some use if you’re someone for likes to vape outside or one the job site.

But for the average everyday vaper, don’t waste you money on a vape band unless you’re looking to increase the appeal of your Instagram Feed.

Battery Wraps


These are another necessity. However, I often feel there is a bit of confusion created by some vapers online as to when battery wraps are actually needed.

Truth of the matter is all non-protected battery cells used for vaping are pre-wrapped by the manufacturer (and sometimes re-wrapped by 3rd party retailers). So, when you receive a new battery, the cell wrap should be in perfect condition (always inspect before use either way).

The only time you need to re-wrap a battery yourself is when the “stock” wrap has become nicked or slightly damaged. When this occurs, you MUST take the proper steps to install a battery wrap on your cell (tutorial to follow soon!), making sure not do any further damage. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please just buy new cells.

Spool Tamer


The Beadalon Spool tamer shown above is an accessory that you can technically live without. However, if you’re a builder, and have grown sick and tired of dealing with unruly spools of kanthal, then a tamer is just what you need!

A pack of five retails for just under $3, and can be installed in minutes. A tamer holds the center of the wire spool in place, while allowing one end of the wire to be extracted. A tamer works really well when wrapping your own custom coils (claptons, etc.) because they allow the wire to be extracted freely, will maintaining a hold on the entire spool.

And there you have it — a list of tools and accessories every vaper should have handy. The good news is you can order everything you need from the links in this article — and most of this stuff is really cheap, meaning you’ve got more money for mods and vape juice!

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