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The Uwell Valyrian 2 Triple 18650 Mod is one of the best looking mods I’ve seen in a while. If you’re a fan of #GOT, then you’ll probably appreciate the television series look-a-like logo design stamped on the front. A mod this big is not going to be for everyone, but that battery longevity is going to be hard to beat!


  • PCBA with conformal coating
  • 5w-300w output range
  • .7v-10v output range
  • .1ohm-3.0 resistance range
  • 0.008 second fast firing
  • SS904 TC mode
  • 200-600deg F temperature range
  • TCR mode
  • No atomizer, low resistance, low power, temperature, reverse polarity protection
  • .98 OLED display
  • Three button control interface
  • Accepts three triple 18650 batteries
  • Individual battery housing tubes
  • Gold plated, spring loaded positive pin
  • Slide locking bottom access door
  • Stainless steel 510 connection
  • Sinc alloy construction
  • Compact size: 49mm by 41mm by 74mm

Purchase the Valyrian Triple Mod here.


  • 300w max output

– Talk about a huge wattage range – 300w max nearly doubles the recommended range of the Valyrian V2 tank that comes in the kit.

  • Fires down to .1ohms
  • 600deg F max temp range
  • Clear display
  • Sleek form factor

– Considering the fact that it uses three 18650s, the device is actually quite sleek.

  • Unique design
  • Fit and finish
  • Stout 510 connection
  • Comfortable considering size

– If you have large hands (like myself…), you’ll find the rounded ‘bump’ on the backside of this mod to fit perfectly into your hand!

  • Battery longevity!

– This is a big one for some, especially if you travel or work long hours. Having a device ready to go, and not having to worry about charging throughout the day is a big plus.

  • Several colors available

– The mod only comes in four colors, where as the Valyrian kit comes in six. Doesn’t make much sense to me, but still cool!

  • Matches the Valyrian tank
  • Price point


  • Heavy
  • Not pocket/purse friendly

– There’s really no way to get around this one. Carrying this device in your pocket can be compared to lugging a brick from the job site around with you all day – not optimal!


Triple 18650 devices are definitely not going to be for everyone. Uwell did a great job keeping that slim form factor, and the Uwelll Valyrian 2 Mod is noticeably more compact than other mods of similar capacity.

When will you ever use the full 300w? You probably never will. But if you consistently vape over 100w, you’ll find that having an extra battery on board boosts longevity in a big way.

Should you pair three batteries with this device? Yes. Pairing batteries for a dual 18650 box mod is just as important as pairing three cells for a triple box mod. Can you use the device safely with different batteries? Yes. The cells wont last as long though, and you may have a hard time charging them etc. But as long as the batteries are all similarly rated, you should not have an issue.

So if having a mod that’ll last all day vaping deep within the sub-ohm ranges is important to you, then the Valyrian V2 is definitely going to be for you. You can purchase the device separately for $75, and that’s not half bad considering!

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