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Uwell brings an updated version of their popular Valyrian Sub-Ohm tank to the masses. The Valyrian V2 utilizes custom airflow disrupting rods meant to enhance the flavor of your e-liquid, and features a patented self-cleaning coil system meant to further improve your vaping experience. How will the V2 compare to the original Valyrian tank?

The original Valyrian was a big hit among members of the vape community. Shortly after it was released, there was a time when I swore it was the only tank anyone ever posted on their Instagram story!


  • 25mm diameter
  • 60.6mm tall
  • Button locking flip top fill system
  • Dual fill ports
  • 6ml liquid capacity
  • Valyrian 2 coil family
  • Quadruple coil (.15ohms – kanthal – 100-120w)
  • UN2 single mesh coil (.32ohms – kanthal – 90-100w)
  • UN2-2 dual mesh coil (.14ohms – kanthal Mesh – 80-90w)
  • UN2-3 triple mesh coil (.16ohms – kanthal Mesh – 90-100w)
  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • 10mm bore derlin drip tip
  • Press fit 510
  • Matching metal accent ring

Purchase the Valyrian V2 here.


  • 6 color options
  • Huge wattage range
  • Huge airflow

– Seriously big airflow. With the AFC wide open, and vaped around the 100w range, it’s almost too much to handle. Even if you’re vaping outside, things can get a bit ‘cloudy’ in a hurry.

  • Cloud production
  • Amazing flavor
  • Coil can be changed with eliquid in tank
  • Can get a restricted vape

– With the airflow shutdown, and a single or dual coil head installed, you might be surprised at how tight of a draw you can get out of this thing!

  • 6ml ejuice capacity
  • Fit and finish
  • Form factor

– Given the huge capacity (6ml!), this tank is actually quite compact and easy to carry. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still BIG, but Uwell did a good job keeping the design elements as sleek as possible.


  • Coil head break in time

– Not really as negative so as much as a nit pick. These coil heads are huge, and will take at least five minutes to fully break in. Personally, I suggest leaving the tank on the table filled with e-liquid for a full 5-7 minutes prior to vaping.


The Valyrian V2 stays true to tradition, and continues to deliver the same stellar user experience vapers have grown accustomed to. The coil options available are more than sufficient, and support everything from huge flavor | average clouds experiences to huge flavor | huge clouds. And as cliche as it sounds, the ‘airflow dispersing rod technology’ does seem to deliver in a big way!

Now an answer to the question you’re probably asking – is it better than the original? It’s honestly too hard to tell, so I’ll leave that for you to decide. One things for sure though, it’s definitely on par with some of the best tanks released so far this year!

You can pick this one up for cheap at a few online retailers, and it’s a pretty amazing value all said and done. And while the V2 is not the best choice for someone looking for a super restricted MTL vape, it should work for just about everyone else!

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