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With UWell’s amazing reputation in the atomizer department, I think vapers will expect a lot out of anything this company releases at this point. The creators of the Valyrian Tank must expect this, too. Last year, they unveiled the UWell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit: a pen style vape that uses a single 18650 battery and can fire up to 80W. It’s funny to see all of these pen style kits coming out. For a while, they sort of died out when more powerful box mods took over the market. It’s nice to see more options, and even someone as into clunky 200W devices as I am, opts to go for a pen style vape or a pod mod when I’m out and about. The Nunchaku does have a lot of competition though, thanks to this sort of rebirth of pen style devices, so how does it compare? Let’s find out.

The Design

I may be a bit biased, but I think that the Uwell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit is absolutely gorgeous. From top to bottom, I think it’ll be hard for most vapers to deny that this kit looks great. The Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank has a nice internal plate design and integrates seamlessly on top of the mod itself. I like the patterning on the fire button on the mod, as well as the knurling on the bottom base airflow ring of the tank.

The only design flaw, in my opinion, is the display screen location. It’s on the bottom end of the Nunchaku mod, and if you’re hoping to read it easily while you’re vaping, good luck. It’s a bit tricky. The good news is, this kit is created for simplicity’s sake, so you shouldn’t have to rely on the display screen all that often.

The color options are what really drive the looks home for me. All of them have a beautiful metallic finish. The Nunchaku kit is sold in a full black, black and gold version, blue, green, purple, rainbow, and silver.

The Build

The UWell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit is made from stainless steel, while the tank glass is a quartz glass. The threading on the tank and the mod is nice, and I could find no issues there. The battery compartment is on the bottom of the mod. To access it, you simply unscrew the base there, and put the battery in. While other reviewers have commented on bad threading, I encountered no such issues with my device.

The front face of the Nunchaku mod has the firing button near the top, and the adjustment buttons just above the display screen at the bottom end. The micro-USB port is located on the opposite end of the mod, just below the tank.


The UWell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit has three separate modes: power mode, TC mode, and bypass mode. UWell boasts that this kit has the power of an unregulated mode, but the safety of a regulated one. While that is the case, unfortunately, the TC mode leaves a bit to be desired (more on that later).

The UWell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank

Okay, so immediately, readers need to realize that this tank cannot be compared to the Valyrian. This starter kit is meant to be a fast-firing, simple kit that can fire up to 80W without extra frills. And that’s what it is! That’s perfectly all right. This kit will suit many vapers who just want something that doesn’t need a lot of extra fiddling.

The Nunchaku Tank has a threaded top fill system, so to access the fill ports, just unscrew the top cap. The dual adjustable airflow is located on the bottom. There is some nice knurling on the airflow ring that makes it easier to grip. Although this airflow is fully closable, I will admit that vaping with the airflow at halfway or less increases the amount of noise from the tank. If this doesn’t bother you, awesome. But I have a bit of a pet-peeve when tanks are on the louder end. So I vaped this kit with the airflow wide open for most of the reviewing.

The Coils

The Nunchaku coils included in the kit are high-performing for what they are. Inside the kit, there is a 0.25-ohm coil and a 0.4-ohm coil. The 0.25-ohm coil is for 40-50W, and seems to do best at 40-45W, if I’m being honest. The 0.4-ohm coil is a 45-55W coil, and doesn’t have much variation from the previous coil option. Both coils deliver good flavor, like we would expect from UWell, as well as some impressive vapor production at these lower wattages.

These aren’t legendary coils by any means, but they do what they promise, and I do like the flavor and vapor output from the both of these.

Vaping with the UWell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit

After a considerable amount of use, the UWell Nunchaku Kit vapes best in power mode and bypass mode. The Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank isn’t the best sub-ohm tank out there, but it does deliver and makes a good match with this kit. The amount of vapor that the coils produced at these low-mid wattages and the flavor was great. The coil lifespan was about a week to a week and a half with moderate to heavy usage.

The battery life is what one would expect from a single 18650 device. With heavy vaping, I got maybe two hours out of it before needing to recharge. With moderate vaping, it was about three to four hours. Obviously, if you choose to vape closer to that 80W mark, you should expect the battery to drain faster.

The TC mode worked well for what it was. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t go recommending this kit for the TC enthusiasts. It works with SS and Ni materials, so if you like to use Ti materials with TC you’re out of luck. I tried this with a different tank and coil to get up to the 80W mark, and the Nunchaku does hit it well, with little misfiring issues.

The UWell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit is Best for Vapers Who Want a Simple Device

Personally, I like simplicity in a vape kit if I’m looking for something that I can tote around with me. And that’s exactly what the UWell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit is made for. This is a great device if you would like the option of TC vaping with a pen style vape, as well as the ability to hit up to 80W. The battery life is definitely a con, but if you bring spare 18650s with you, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

While this kit isn’t a legendary one, I think it vapes well and looks great, and if simplicity is what you’re looking for, this shouldn’t be written off. It fires fast, is great for flavor and vapor, and really is a comfortable kit.

Purchase the UWell Nunchaku 80W TC Starter Kit here.

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