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If you’ve heard of UWell, odds are you’ve heard of their Valyrian tank and the original Crown tank. These two were tremendously successful sub-ohm tanks at the time of their release. In my opinion, the Valyrian is still a good buy today, even though there are so many new tank options out there. UWell had so much success with the original Crown that they made a second one, the UWell Crown 2. The Crown 2, unfortunately, was a case of disappointment and mixed reviews. UWell then came back and made a third version of the Crown, the Crown 3. Yes, this sub-ohm tank was released last year, but it’s such a good tank for flavor that it shouldn’t be crossed off of your vaping shopping list.

The Design of the UWell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

The look of this tank is simply stunning. The Crown 3 is crafted out of stainless steel and has a quartz glass, instead of Pyrex. With a triple bottom airflow, you are able to get some nice cloud production out of the Uwell Crown 3, but I am of the opinion that this tank shines brighter in the flavor department than anything else. The 510 drip tip is removable, so you can swap it out if you’d like, but since the colors coordinate so nicely, you shouldn’t feel the need to. This tank is 24.5mm in diameter, so it fits well on most standard box mods. With a 5ml e-liquid capacity, you won’t have to refill your tank as often.

Color options

UWell made five different color options for the Crown 3, as well as various drip tips. Colors available are stainless steel, blue, matte black, an iridescent rainbow, and sapphire blue. The Crown 3 comes with a coordinating drip tip to match the tank, but there are four additional colors you can purchase separately.

Priming Your Coils and Filling The UWell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

The coils used with the Crown 3 are UWells Crown 3 Plug and Pull parallel coils. Unlike threaded coils that need to be screwed in, these coils are simply inserted into the tank, where they stay snug. To remove them, just pull them out. They’re kept in place by the o-rings. I suggest taking pre-installed coil out of the Crown 3 and priming the cotton wicking slots before vaping with this tank. Due to the design, all three of the wicking slots may not be perfectly lined up inside the tank to get consistent saturation, so make sure you prime and try to line them up as much as possible when you insert the coil.

Accessing the filling ports is pretty simple. You have to unscrew the top base of the tank first and then you’ll see the wide fill ports.

The Strange Crown 3 Key: What’s it For?

Oddly enough, the UWell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm tank requires a little extra effort for cleaning or removing the coil from the top. There is a removable bolt in the top base of the tank that UWell included in the design. The purpose? Something about keeping the tank more pressurized and potentially holding everything together. If you ask me, it’s an extra step most of us will neither appreciate, nor need. However, if you choose to keep this bolt in, you must use the Crown 3 key to unscrew it when you wish to take the tank apart and clean it. For coil changes, you can easily access them through the bottom base of the tank, without messing with this weird quirk.

I have vaped both with and without this removable bolt in the UWell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm tank, and have found almost no difference in performance. Without the bolt, the draw may be slightly airy in comparison, but it’s so subtle I really don’t see the need to keep that bolt in place.

Either way, you’ll need to use that Crown 3 key to remove it at some point, and it does take a significant amount of effort.

Vaping Performance of the UWell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

The two coils included with the UWell Crown 3 are both made of stainless steel. That means that they are suitable for power vaping, as well as TC vaping. For some of us, that’s great news. In the package, you receive a 0.5-ohm coil (for 70-80W) and a 0.25-ohm coil (for 80-90W).

I vaped this tank with my GeekVape Blade mod. The 0.25-ohm coil was the first I tested. Now I did say this tank is better on flavor, and I stand by that, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get some nice clouds out of this tank. I was immediately impressed with how pure the flavor was, though, and that’s the biggest selling point for this tank. The 0.5-ohm coil delivered just about an equal experience: great flavor, decent clouds, and overall a good vape. These coils last about two weeks if you vape little to moderately.

In TC mode, these coils functioned well, but I feel as though other pre-built coils or customs would do better in TC in general. However, it’s nice that you are able to switch between TC and Power with these coils.

UWell Did it Again? Yes, They Did

Despite the hiccups with the Crown 2 tank, the UWell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank is a solid choice for vapers who want some strong flavor. If you’re looking to enter some cloud competitions, you may want to look at other options. The flavor on this tank is tremendously good, even without mesh coils. For the flavor integrity, the trusted name, the sexy design, the Crown 3 is worth your time and your dime.


Purchase the UWell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank for less than $30.

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