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A vaping review is scheduled by United Kingdom government officials.

It will just have wait until after the country officially exits the European Union (EU), which is slated for March 2019. The proposed Brexit has come under fire but the government, unlike parts of the U.S. government, remained open for business at the end of December.

One of the UK’s top priorities is to sponsor a review of e-cigarette regulations once the country’s new economic model comes to fruition, according to

Government officials committed to the UK vaping review after studying a House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report members of parliament concurred on the recommendation analyze the growing trend of vaping “to identify scope for change post-Brexit,” reported.

In its report, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee recommended taking a closer look at current regulations, “which are currently applied under EU legislation.”

But not for long.

Thus, the new face of government may need to give the vaping regulations currently on the books a facelift as “part of a wider shift to a more risk-proportionate regulatory environment.”

That means tweaking outdated advertising and tax regulations to “reflect the evidence on the relative harms of the various e-cigarette and tobacco products available,”

Upon learning of the upcoming research, the Department of Health and Social Care announced it is slated “to re-appraise current regulation to ensure this continues to protect the nation’s health. We will look to identify where we can sensibly deregulate without harming public health or where current EU regulations limit our ability to deal with tobacco.”

In another parliamentary maneuver, the UK government announced it will reconsider its stance on snus, a moist powder tobacco product known for helping smokers of combustible cigarettes to cut down and eventually quit.

Snus is banned in parts of the EU, but its legal in Sweden, which owns one of the lowest smoking rates in Europe.

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