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The e-cigarette industry is bracing for a new fight.  

This one will come over the airwaves.  

Despite a majority of federally pressured companies having already altered their marketing campaigns away from teenagers to adults, long-time traditional cigarette smokers, public health advocates remain on the attack.  

What’s next? 

In coordination with federal agencies, like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and House Democrats, POLITICO reported e-cigarette television advertisements are being targeted.    

Companies like JUUL Labs started airing ads over the past few months after the FDA threatened to pull flavored products favored by minors if companies couldn’t prove they could change their marketing tactics.  

Well, companies like JUUL followed the objective and altered their campaigns They produced new ads for print media outlets, radio, and TV, displaying e-cigarettes’ success of being a quality secession tool for adults eager to quit cigarettes.   

Despite numerous studies over the past two-plus years concluding vaping was a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes, health advocates continued to criticize the efforts, citing a lack of certified data.   

Plus, Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, remained convinced the new marketing campaigns will continue to attract teens.        

Like others, Myers eluded to the perceived youth “epidemic” health officials equate to the rise in vaping over the past half-decade and then accused the industry “swung the pendulum all the way to the point that they are making unapproved health claims.” 

What’s next?  

POLITICO noted Capitol Hill is reacting to the increase in e-cigarette commercials.  

Rep. Donna Shalala and House Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone sponsored a bill April 16 to further limit e-cigarette ads and online sales. 

The FDA announced in March it was expanding its anti-vaping approach. One way included government officials ordering a notice of the “real cost” of nicotine addiction on all future JUUL advertisements, according to POLITICO. 

What’s next?

A new fight for the vaping industry.

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