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Whether you’ve been considering vaping yourself, or trying to help a friend quit the nasty sticks, a vape starter kit is the perfect starting point. Everything necessary to take up vaping is included in these kits, eliminating the need to shop around.

Starter kits come in all different shapes and sizes. Most, or at least the good ones anyway, are paired with a top performing tank, and come with everything required to get started. This makes a vape starter kit the ideal choice for anyone new to the vape scene!

If you’re really looking to cut costs, a device with a li-ion battery pack is a great option. Instead of the 18650 cells used by most box mods on the market, these devices utilize a highly efficient internal battery that will normally last all day. And unlike 18650 battery mods, they’re safe to charge via USB 1.0 or 2.0!

Vandy Vape Simple EX MTL

The Simple EX may be a bit expensive for someone just starting out, but it’s definitely worth the extra in the long run. This mod is specifically designed to be used with nicotine salts, which really adds to it’s ‘transitioning smoker effectiveness’. It’s set up for squonking, and comes equipped with a flavor producing rebuildable atomizer instead of a tank, and it’s is super easy to use. Plus, it has a low maintenance internal 850mah li-ion battery pack, so you’ll avoid forking over extra for a pair of 18650s.

Purchase the Simple EX MTL here

Lost Vape Orion DNA GO 40w

The Orion from Lost Vape has found a spot on our top list again, and for good reason. It’s available in a slew of really cool colors, which works great for that picky person. It is the very first device of its kind to utilize a DNA chipset as well, which will more than pay for itself in the long run. It has a large 950mah li-ion battery for it’s size, can be charged via USB 1.0, and can use two different types of pods – one for regular vaping, another for flavor production. The Orion is perfect for those mouth to lung draws to, which is a real plus for anyone looking to quit!

Purchase the Orion here

T-Priv 220W Starter Kit

The T-Priv packs a ton of really cool features in a fairly small package. The kit comes with a TFV8 mini sub-ohm tank with is probably worth the price you’ll pay in itself. SMOK uses a zinc alloy body, that is both durable and lightweight. Plus it’s available in a range of cool colors as well, making it stand out from other box mods. The only downfall of the T-Priv we could find, was the fact that the 18650 batteries it uses, must be purchased separately. This means that you’ll need to find a good charger as well; but with a price tag of less than $50, that shouldn’t be an issue!

Purchase the T-Priv here

Voopoo REX 80w TC kit

This lower output, single battery device is perfect for anyone interested in temperature controlled vaping. Paired with the sleek UFORCE 5ml capacity tank, it will heat your liquid to an exact temperature range, which really can really help with anyone new to vaping. Plus, Voopoo has it’s proprietary Gene chipset on board, which really maximizes the ease of use.

Purchase the REX kit here

5. Voopoo VFL Pod System

The VFL is a super high performance, sleek pod system. This nic salt device makes the list for some rather obvious reason, like its 650mah battery, and easy refill system. And while we would’ve liked to see at least a 1ml e-juice capacity, its unique football-shaped form factor makes up for the lack of juice space. It retails for $34 bucks a pop, so it’s cheap enough to grab a few at a time!

Purchase the VFL here

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