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UPDATE 6/7/2018

The Vapor Technology Association reports that the FDA has now extended the comment period for the Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products by 30 days. This means vapers have just over a month from today to register their concerns. Don’t let this opportunity pass — read on for more details.

With only 13 days left until the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closes the public comment section on its proposed Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products, it’s time to fight the flavor ban. If you haven’t registered your comments yet on the official site, now’s the time.

While nearly 75,000 respondents commented on Dr. Farsalinos’ flavor survey recently, fewer have taken time to voice their thoughts on the matter with the regulatory agency with the actual power to change the rules. This is bad news for vapers.

Registering a comment is simple – just go to the site above and follow the instructions for leaving an online comment. Keep it cordial – and share your story about how e-liquid flavors have helped you transition away from smoking. Explain what losing flavor options means to you and your fight to be healthier and smoke-free. Personal stories are powerful things – so share yours.

With fewer than 14,000 registered comments on the proposed rule change to date, there’s a very real threat that the FDA will ban flavors. Once they do that, the fight to get them back becomes all but impossible – so it’s in everyone’s best interest to fight the flavor ban now – while there’s still a chance of winning.

You know what to do – go to the site, sign the petition, fight the flavor ban. If we don’t act now – in the next 13 days — we have no one but ourselves to blame if the FDA passes this awful rule. Don’t let this opportunity pass – make sure the people in charge hear your voice. Share the URL, get your friends and family involved, and sign up with and support organizations who want to protect your rights.

Time is running out…