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The scene was replayed in the minds of those who witnessed the December arrests in Bangkok.

Vaping vendors at the Liab Duan night market were taken into custody by authorities for selling e-cigarettes and nicotine products, according to The Nation.

Perhaps that scene could prove to be a tipping point in the Thailand vaping ban.
Already, a review is underway, including the enforcement of the law.

Thailand officials in 2014 banned the import, sale, and servicing of vaping products. Violators were threatened with charges from the Commerce Ministry and Consumer Protection Board.

But upon review …

“Since imposing the ban, authorities have encountered problems with law enforcement,” said Keerati Rushchano, deputy director-general of the Department of Foreign Trade.

In light of continuing what appears to be a losing fight, the Commerce Ministry is leading a panel, which includes the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Centre (TRC), to research the legalities of the ban. In other words, is it worth it?

Well, just ask the American gangsters of the 1920s.

Since coming together late in 2018, the panel has debated all angles: should vaping products be banned and, if so, how can it be effectively enforced?

Early on, each side seemed to distance itself from the other, Rushchano said.

Among the raised issues, the tourism authority voiced concerns over visitors who are not aware of the ban and the possibility of their vacation being ruined by facing an “ignorance of the law” charge, according to The Nation.

The TRC is expected to take six months to complete its research and could have a major influence on the panel’s ultimate decision.

The panel could declare the requirement of vendors to apply for licenses and become fully registered, The Nation reported.

“Hence, to solve the problem for the long term, the TRC was assigned to study a (workable) approach toward regulating matters related to e-cigarettes,” Rushchano said.

The panel’s final vote will determine if December’s arrests will be remembered for being one of the tipping points in vaping history.

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