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I think most vapers know Teslacigs for their kits and powerful box mods. This company was established in 2013, and have since come up with some unique devices like the Poker Kit, the Nano, and the Punk Mini. Something rather unusual I never thought I would see from this company is the Teslacigs Citrine 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank. When I saw this for the first time, I thought it was disposable. To my surprise, it isn’t. What is it exactly then? Read on to find out.

The Design of the Teslacigs Citrine 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank

When I said the Citrine resembled a disposable sub-ohm tank, I meant it. It truly does. The entire tank looks like plastic because it is plastic. It’s a polycarbonate material, like the material being used to create disposable vape tanks. This one isn’t disposable, though.

Aside from the translucent appearance of the tank, there isn’t much to be said for the design. It’s a standard looking tank, with no special elements. The colors available are black, blue, green, red, and gray.

The Build

The entire tank, minus the threaded portions, is made of polycarbonate. The threaded portions, which include the bottom base, where you screw in the coil, and the top cap piece, are all made of stainless steel. As you can imagine, this makes for a pretty lightweight tank. The plastic is durable enough, I suppose, but obviously, the polycarbonate material will break easier than a chassis made from stainless steel.

The drip tip is integrated into the top cap, which means that it is not removable or replaceable. The airflow is located on the bottom base and it is dual adjustable.

The Top Fill

To fill, you need to remove the top cap section, which includes the built-in drip tip. Just give it a turn and the cap should come off rather easily. There are two fill ports, both wide enough for most bottle types. Screw the top cap back on after you’ve finished filling.

The Included Coils

The main selling point with the Citrine tank is going to be the fact that it is not a disposable vape tank, even though it looks like one. You can change the coils and use the tank for as long as it lasts. The two included coils are the T-X4 Mesh and the T-X5, both pretty similar in rating. The T-X4 Mesh is the 0.17-ohm coil for use at 40-60W and the T-X5 comes in at 0.15-ohm for use at 60-80W.

Vaping with the Teslacigs Citrine 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank

I used the T-X4 Mesh coil head first and loaded it up with a juice from Suicide Bunny called Mother’s Milk E-Liquid. I went ahead and used a smaller mod—the UWell Hypercar Mod—since the coils don’t surpass 80W. Starting at 40W, I vaped the T-X4 0.17-ohm coil primarily and found it to be best at 50W, but not quite on par at 60W. While there was some decent cloud production, as well as clean flavor, this is not the best mesh coil I’ve ever tried. The T-X5 Coil wasn’t all that different in performance, but I didn’t like the flavor as well with this coil as the other one. I was able to hit 80W with it, but the flavor wasn’t very good, and I feel the 60-70W range is better for this coil.

I had no leaking issues with the tank, no weird spit back issues, and nothing out of the ordinary. What I did notice, however, was the slight whistling noise that the tank makes. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a bit louder than some other tanks.

Who Should Buy the Teslacigs Citrine 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank?

Honestly, this tank is suited to those who don’t want to spend much on a sub-ohm tank. It seems like a disposable option, even though it is not a disposable tank. What I mean is, this tank is the type you might buy if you want a sub-ohm that you don’t care about breaking. If you’re traveling, or in conditions that you worry would potentially damage your nicer, more expensive tanks, then I could see someone choosing to bring the Citrine along. If you break it, it doesn’t cost all that much to replace.

The Teslacigs Citrine 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank was a good performer, but I don’t see it being for everyone. I liked the coils, but they aren’t the best ones out there either. If you just want a spare tank, a beater tank, a cheap option, or like the idea that this is made from more eco-friendly materials, then perhaps you’ll love the Citrine. Otherwise, it seems to me most vapers would pay an extra ten to fifteen bucks for a more durable tank.

Purchase the Teslacigs Citrine 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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