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In Switzerland, there appear to be more holes in the regulations surrounding its vapor industry than the cheese it produces.

Too cheesy of an opening line?

Well, it fits since there are holes in the country’s vaping laws, which are beginning to close with an upcoming voluntary ban of sales to minors, and the country has been renown for its cheesemaking skills since ancient Roman historian Pliny the Elder referenced “Caseus Helveticus” during the first century.

Too historical?

OK, let’s go with the straight news angle: Swiss officials are considering additional updates on regulations on the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers. As the year’s fourth quarter dawned, nicotine-based vaping devices, under Swiss law, were deemed a commodity and did not fall under the same regulatory umbrella of traditional cigarettes.

But for how much longer?

The proposed voluntary changes to the Swiss vaping regulations could eventually marry vaping laws with cigarette regulations and deny legal purchases by anyone under 18 years old. The volunteer ordinance to ban sales to minors will commence Oct. 1, according to swissinfo.ch.

The move was lauded by officials from the nation’s Federal Food Safety and Veterinary.

While stricter laws have yet to be ratified, no fewer than 38 Swiss vaping organizations agreed to update internal mandates and not make smokeless tobacco available for purchase by minors. A majority of the companies earlier accepted a charter from the Swiss Vape Trade Association to better adhere to sales to teens.

Further safeguards are projected in Switzerland over the coming months, despite the country’s Federal Administrative Court dismissing a ban of sales of nicotine-based e-cigarettes last April. It cited the precedent established by the European Union, which allows vapor devices to be marketed and sold on the free market, according to the swissinfo.ch.

The holes in the Swiss vaping regulations surrounding its vapor industry appear to be getting filled.

There’s nothing cheesy about that.