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Liquid State Vapors craft e-liquids that are based upon state-specific beverages or foods. These juices are made in southern California and are all an 80/20 VG/PG. They also use premium ingredients and are as concerned as all vapers are (or at least should be) about what goes into their vape juice. They have a total of seven flavors right now that I’ve seen, representing California, Georgia, Washington, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, and New York. I picked up a bottle of Sweet Leaf E-Liquid by Liquid State Vapors for the purpose of this review.

The Packaging and Branding

Sweet Leaf E-Liquid by Liquid State Vapors is sold in a glass dripper bottle with the usual protective cap/dripper. Each and every one of their e-juices has exactly the same design: except for the state outline and name of the juice on the label. That’s about the only way to differentiate their flavors. I really like the look they’re going for though. The bottle and dripper are both red, while the label design is red and white. Their logo is a drop of liquid with a star and some stripes, so you can go ahead and say they’re going for a patriotic vibe here.

The branding is clean and concise—these bottles should be easily recognizable as Liquid State Vapors’ products. Plus, I really like the idea of representing each state with an iconic flavor.

The Flavor

I chose Sweet Leaf E-Liquid, not because I am from Georgia, but because it’s a peach sweet tea with a hint of lemon (or lemonade). Although we aren’t known for drinking sweet tea on the West Coast, that doesn’t mean that we don’t!

Vaping Sweet Leaf E-Liquid by Liquid State Vapors

From the moment I opened the bottle, Sweet Leaf was giving off that summer vibe. I could smell the ice tea and the peach notes off the bat. For my setup, I decided to use my Freemax FireLuke tank and the VooPoo VMate 200W Box Mod. I love the FireLuke coils because even at their minimum suggested uses of 40W, these coils deliver some excellent flavor.

My first impression was that this was mainly a peach e-liquid. I couldn’t detect much else on the first few hits, but kept trying. I feel like this is one of those juices that you just need to sit with for a moment to gather what’s going on. Once you get it, though, it’s a satisfying experience. At 40W, this is a milder flavor, but crank it up to around 60W and it feels a lot brighter.

At the forefront of the flavor is the peach, the iced tea portion is in the middle, with a delicate sweetness (that is surprisingly not too sweet, considering this is a sweet tea). The finish is a balanced blend of the two, with just a slight tinge of lemon flavor on the exhale. The lemon is very, very subtle, but does peak through to deliver a bit of bright citrus.

Cloud Production

Sweet Leaf E-Liquid by Liquid State Vapors is an 80/20 VG/PG blend. If you vape this juice with the right device combination, you’ll get some thick clouds. However, I did notice that the clouds this juice does produce appear to dissipate quicker than some other juices of this same ratio. These sort of variances all depend on various factors though.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 80/20

Available in 0-12mg of nicotine

Sold in a 60ml Glass Dripper Bottle

Price is $15-20 for 60ml of e-liquid

A Sweet Tea E-Liquid That Should Be In Your Rotation

The most surprisingly thing for me was the subtlety of Sweet Leaf E-Liquid by Liquid State Vapors. I think I was expecting a disgustingly sugary flavor, but what I got was a well-sweetened blend of peach and iced tea, that never felt over or underwhelming. I could easily see this being an all-day-vape juice candidate. It’s blended seamlessly, and while I do wish there was a slightly stronger lemonade flavor on the finish, this juice far surpassed my assumptions. A refreshing peach sweet tea lemonade it is! Just with a bit less tangy lemon.

However, if you want a juice that’s sickening sweet like a glass of sweet tea, you might be left scratching your head just a bit. I think this was a slam dunk, though, because it embodies a sweet tea spirit, but still tastes refreshing and doesn’t leave you wanting a break after an hour of vaping.

Purchase Sweet Leaf E-Liquid by Liquid State Vapors here.

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