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There have been numerous studies centered on how vaping can help traditional cigarette smokers ease their way into quitting.

And now, out of left field, comes a Swedish vaping study suggesting the opposite, stating “e-cigarettes might not work as a cessation aid,” according to a Reuters report.

Not a cessation aid? Are they kidding? What were the researchers smoking while conducting that study? Clearly not an e-cigarette

For the countless studies which displayed the overwhelming effectiveness of vaping when it comes to weaning a smoker from combustible cigarettes, I guess there has to be a group somewhere who will see black when it’s white, turn left when they should go right, swear the Earth is flat…

Anyway, the Swedish vaping study was not exactly well-rounded. Its conclusions were formed from a one-time survey of 30,272 individuals, aged 20-75 years. The responders acknowledged their current use of cigarettes and vaping products and provided health details such as if they suffered illnesses like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

The highlighted results? Twenty-four percent (7,305 responders) trumpeted themselves as former smokers, 12 percent (3,694) claimed to be current smokers, and two percent (529) identified as themselves as vapors and first-time smokers, Reuters reported.

Analyzing the study, critics said it lacked specific questions, relied on inconclusive replies and its data did not match its concussions.

“There are data to show that vaping can help people stop smoking, although they are not a silver bullet,” said Hayden McRobbie, a researcher at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. “Data from this study does not provide evidence to the contrary.”

Black … white … left … right …

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