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Dessert flavored e-liquids have grown in popularity over the past years, and the use of sweeteners has skyrocketed. Complex flavor combinations like apple strudel with vanilla bean ice cream are no longer impossible to pull off. But how’s the extra sugar effecting the way you vape?

Before we get started, let me start off by saying, that I have nothing against sugary liquids. In fact, I believe they’re perfectly fine. With that being said, I’ve got a bone to pick with OVERLY SUGARY e-liquids. And trust me when I say, there’s a big difference.

Mixing a batch of __ (enter favorite dessert) is not easy, in fact they can be a bit of a challenge. However, there’s one thing that will not increase the level of taste: the addition of more sugar! Yet, companies across the vape industry continue to use abhorrently high levels of sweetener in their liquids. It’s a nasty trend in the wrong direction, and one that can be reversed.

So what does vaping an overly sugary liquid mean for you?

Coil Gunk

Too much sweetener can create a bad situation for your coils and coil heads. The excess sugar tends to crystallize after it has been heated, and hardens filling in the cracks and spaces between coil materials. This can create a bad burnt sugar taste, and decrease the longevity of your expensive coils. If you’re not cleaning your coils on a frequent basis, this can spell disaster!

Cotton Degradation

The fluffy cotton material used for wicking coils is pretty tough. However, vaping a sugary liquid non-stop caused the cotton fibers to break down quicker than they should. Your wicking material should last a long time under normal conditions, but add some excess sugar, and that time is drastically reduced. The fiber/cotton blends used in most coil heads will experience the same decrease in longevity.


An increase in flavor is likely not associated with more sugar. While it may seem like adding more sugar would increase the level of authenticity of said dessert flavor, it does nothing of the sort. Think of it like this: you add sugar your coffee until it has reached a liking. Then you add some more, increasing the sweetness. Keep adding to your cup until you’ve mixed a 50% coffee 50% sugar blend, and there will likely be a lot of undissolved sugar in the bottom of your cup. You can’t taste the raw sugar at the bottom while you’re drinking your coffee can you? Eventually you will reach a point where your taste buds can no longer tell the difference at all.

Now throw those gunked up coils and rapidly degrading cotton into the mix. And you’ve successfully set your taste buds up for a failure.


Hype liquids are the biggest offenders here. You know, all those e-juice companies creating liquids in super small batches, available at specific times, mostly through social media. They’re adding syrups to their liquids at an alarming rate, and the taste is not getting any better. In fact, I can honestly say that there’s not a single hype juice on my favorite vape flavors list.

So if you’re looking to replace your coils more often, and wick your builds with new cotton on a more frequent basis, then overly sugary liquid is definitely for you! And by all means, if super sweet liquids are your thing, be my guest. But if you’re looking for clean vape juice flavors, and would really prefer to have your coils and cotton last as long as possible, stay away from the ‘pancake syrup’ flavors!

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